EXCLUSIVE: ‘Emperor’ ’Revenge or Justice’ Featurette

The filmmakers discuss how they recreated World War II-era Japan in New Zealand locations for this drama, available on Blu-ray and DVD.

The filmmakers behind the World War II drama Emperor take us behind-the-scenes in our exclusive featurette for the Blu-ray and DVD. Tommy Lee Jones stars as General Douglas MacArthur, who arrived in Japan in 1945 shortly after Emperor Hirohito surrendered at the end of World War II. Crew members describe how they turned modern-day New Zealand into 1940s Japan to recreate historic moments such as MacArthur's arrival in the country.

General Douglas MacArthur (Tommy Lee Jones) is sent to Japan immediately after Emperor Hirohito's World War II surrender in 1945 and suddenly finds himself the de facto ruler of a foreign nation. He challenges his expert of Japanese culture - General Fellers (Matthew Fox) - to provide evidence in 10 short days to decide if the Japanese Emperor, worshipped as a God by his people but accused of war crimes, be punished or saved? The fate of a nation awaits...

Special Features:

  • "Revenge or Justice - The Making of Emperor" featurette
  • Audio commentary with director Peter Webber and producer Yôko Narahashi
  • Behind-the-Scenes Photo Gallery
  • Historical Photo Gallery
  • Deleted Scenes

Emperor was released March 8th, 2013 and stars Tommy Lee Jones, Matthew Fox, Kaori Momoi, Eriko Hatsune, Aaron Jackson, Takatoro Kataoka, Toshiyuki Nishida, William Wallace. The film is directed by Peter Webber.

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