Electro Unleashes His Powers in First ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ Clip

Max Dillon tries to comprehend what has happened to his body in this electrifying scene from director Marc Webb’s superhero sequel.

Sony Pictures has released the first clip from The Amazing Spider-Man 2, which features Spider-Man (Andrew Garfield) trying to talk Max Dillon (Jamie Foxx) out of hurting anybody with his new powers. We also catch a glimpse of Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone) who has come to watch her boyfriend Peter, after he's promised not to put himself in any more danger.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was released May 2nd, 2014 and stars Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Jamie Foxx, Dane DeHaan, Colm Feore, Felicity Jones, Paul Giamatti, Sally Field. The film is directed by Marc Webb.

Sources: Yahoo! Movies

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