Lucky Number Slevin DVD: Review By Travis Young

A cool, funny, and highly entertaining film packed with twists and turns as well as just the right amount of action.
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A cool, funny, and highly entertaining film packed with twists and turns as well as just the right amount of action.
If you're like me and you love movies like Pulp Fiction and Go that feature lots of fascinating characters in cool dialogue-driven scenes, then blind-buy this movie because you will love it.

For those who haven't seen Lucky Number Slevin, I really don't want to go into too much description on the story since most of the fun of the movie is not knowing exactly what's going on. Instead, I'll just say that it starts off focusing on a guy named Slevin (Hartnett) who is mistaken for someone else and because of that he becomes thrown into a war between two rival crime lords.

One of the most impressive elements of Lucky Number Slevin is its all-star cast. This film features one of the best and most unique ensembles that I've seen and they all turn in excellent performances. Josh Hartnett, someone whom I was not a huge fan of before because of his "one look," surprised me in the role of Slevin by coming through with a very cool and believable performance. I'm definitely now looking forward to seeing Hartnett in more challenging roles. Then you've got the character of Mr. Goodkat (awesome name!), played by Bruce Willis. He's top hitman who gets the job done and then disappears without anyone knowing he was even there. It goes without saying that Willis is convincing as an assassin. Next you've got The Boss played by Morgan Freeman. When I first saw the trailer for this movie I didn't know what I would think of Morgan as a bad guy. When you see Freeman as Red in The Shawshank Redemption you get the image of him not even hurting a fly because of his charming personality and kind look. Fortunately, I learned never to doubt Freeman who though at face-value doesn't look intimidating, can still make you believe that he could kill you anytime he wants. Also, it's great to see someone like Ben Kingsley once again performing in a movie that deserves his talent. After seeing him in movies like Suspect Zero, A Sound of Thunder and Bloodrayne, I was beginning to worry about the guy.

Like I said earlier, I really loved this movie. It was refreshing in so many ways and I can't wait to see what writer Jason Smilovic has in store for us next. It's possible that Lucky Number Slevin could receive special edition treatment in a couple of years, but I doubt it since all of the special features that you could have wanted can be found on this version.

I also just want to thank the studio behind this film who kept the awesome title "Lucky Number Slevin." They probably would have made more money at the box office with a generic and lame title like "The Wrong Man," but then they wouldn't have had such a unique title that's a lot of fun to tell people about. It gives the film a lot more intrigue than "The Wrong Man."
Commentary by Josh Hartnett, Lucy Lui, and writer Jason Smilovic

This is one of the few commentaries for a movie that I've really enjoyed listening to. Both Hartnett and Lucy Lui have good conversations between each other and do their job by giving us some funny and interesting insights (like how Hartnett showed Lui his penis for real during their first scene together to make the reaction more authentic). Hartnett and Lui are joined by writer Jason Smilovi, who isn't actually with them, but is dubbed in since he did his commentary before them. Smilvoi also makes Slevin a more enjoyable film by discussing themes that I hadn't even thought of.

Commentary by director Paul McGuigan

This isn't as fun to listen to as the Harnett and Lui commentary was, but McGuigan's thoughts and intensions are still very interesting and good to listen to if you want to know more about the flick.

Deleted Scenes

Most of the deleted scenes I've seen for other movies are not only unnecessary, but usually not very good as well. Lucky Number Slevin is thankfully different. All of these deleted scenes are an enjoyment to watch and were only taken out of the film because of length. The best scene features two of the Rabbi's son's guards discuss a story involving a cowboy, an Indian, and a soldier.

Making Lucky # Slevin

It's a lot of fun to watch all these great actors work behind the scenes and interact with each other before shooting a scene. Though it may not be as in-depth as I've would have loved to have seen, it still gives a good amount of information and is well-worth your time if you enjoyed the movie.
Widescreen. Lucky Number Slevin mostly takes place indoors in apartments and office buildings. The wallpapers and sets give the film a surreal and visually appealing look.
English 5.1 and French 5.1. Subtitles in English and Spanish. A great score by Joshua Ralph that really maintains the clever and cool tone of the film.
A standard DVD case with two snaps on the ends. The cover just oozes coolness. Both Hartnett and Willis showing off their big guns, while Lucy Lui looks sexy and Kingsley and Freeman give some intimidating looks.
Lucky Number Slevin is the most original and entertaining movie I've seen all year.

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