Flash Gordon Blu-ray: Review By MaterTua Lee-loyer

flash...ah ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh saviour of the universe
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Well heres a film from way back...I remember as a kid that ET was fresh in my head then all of a sudden my favourite blue peter presenter has a bit part in the movie (he gets bitten by the tree monster thingy)

I thought at the time that duncan was cool to be in a film with so many stars like

erm brian blessed and tim Dalton (whos excellent in hot fuzz by the way)

well why did I buy this dvd...why did I go to the cinema all those years ago to see a film so camp even its closet had a closet to come out of ....so gay even Elton John would say...your well gayer than my stage show.

no its the visuals that catched my eye and then at first I realised the mood to the film was cool why? well Its the soundtrack the music by my favourite band of all time Queen...yup they wrote the songs did a soundtrack that if you buy it today in full sounds great like a space opera comic book rolled into one sublime..put it all together with the amazing "GORDONS ALIVE " Brian Blessed and Max von Sydow as ming the bored...(what plaything can you offer me today) then you have a near perfect film its flaws are Flash miscast topol as Zarkov and of course the girls were plain and just couldnt act....overall I love the movie its Cheesy its Dated but damn the music is real real good a nice film indeed

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