Dr. Seuss' The Cat In The Hat DVD: Review By justincase

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Mike Meyers is directed (poorly) by Bo Welch in this Dreamworks/Universal production.

Very loosely based on the children's classic, Sally and Conrad are left home (with a sleeping sitter, in this version) while their mother is out. When the Cat in the Hat shows up (with his Thing 1 and Thing 2), he trashes the house, stirs up the kids and only barely manages to repair the mess before mom shows up.
I didn't watch them. I wasn't interested. It was all I could do to get through this pile of dirty cat litter... I damn sure wasn't about to spend any more time with this disc wading through special features.

I was even less interested in this disc's features than I am in most (if that's possible). Here's the list, though:

* Seussville USA

* Feature Audio Commentary

* Deleted Scenes

* Outtakes and more

* 10 Behind-the-Scenes Featturettes Including:

* The Purr-fect Stamp

* The Real Dr. Seuss

* Dance-Along with the Cat

* The Mother of All Messes

* Music to A Cat's Ears

* The Dirt on D.I.R.T.

This film is a giant hairball.

It is a dirty 3-month old litterbox left festering in the Tucson heat.

Bo Welch (director), Alec Berg (writer), David Mandel (writer) and Jeff Schaffer (writer) should never be allowed to work on another film again.

Sadly, though, with this film knocking down over $100 million in its U.S. theatrical run, they undoubtedly will disgrace our screens again.

The film has no target audience. I watched it with my young children. It was not appropriate for them. It is not appropriate for tweens or teens, either. It is not appropriate for young adults. It is not appropriate for older adults. This film has nothing to appeal to anyone. No redeeming features, whatsoever. The comedy is erratic, trying desperately to appeal to widely varying audiences throughout the film -- and missing all its marks. The story is not strong enough to win fans of the original animated Suess classic. It's almost like the cast and crew had some beef with the dear old Dr. and they decided to defile and defacate on his house.

Don't rent this. Don't buy it. It truly is not worth the time to even read the cover. Why oh why would Imagine/Universal/Dreamworks put out this crap? Even more, why -- after the critics deemed this road-kill and the first weekend crowd trashed it -- did anyone else go see this crap and let it ring up such a big box office number?

Will wonders never cease?

Avoid this cat at all costs.

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