Beau Geste DVD: Review By Evan "Mushy" Jacobs

What makes Beau Geste so enjoyable is the fact that the story is rich, the acting is solid and everything about the narrative serves all that.
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Universal has given an older film a nice DVD release.
No extras to help give more historical context/importance.
Gary Cooper, Ray Milland and Robert Preston star in this epic film which places three brothers in the Sahara as members of the Foreign Legion. Due to their troubled pasts they think that the Legion is just the place for them to get a fresh start but they soon find out that they are mistaken in this assumption. Under the brutal regime of their sergeant things go from bad to worse for the brothers as they plan the mutiny of their oppressive unit. This is easier said than done as military allegiances run deep and the sergeant isn't the only thing the brothers are fighting... they've still got a foreign enemy to contend with!

Beau Geste is yet another gem from Universal's Backlot series that shows just how rich with cinema history that studio is.
No extras came with this release.
Full Frame - 1.33:1. Each motion picture in the Universal Backlot Series has been digitally remastered from original film elements and is presented in its original aspect ratio to help preserve its place in cinema history. The picture/images on this DVD looked really sharp. I never felt that the black and white look of this movie was overly contrasty, and there were very few moments of film graininess that occur with older films.
Language: English Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono. Subtitled in English, Spanish and French. The audio on this release was quite nicely put together. While I wasn't blown out of my seat by any of the audio elements, I was impressed that this movie from 1939 sounds as rich and full as it is. The soundtrack of an epic film is everything. There needs to be a thundering quality behind it and even in its mono stage Beau Geste has that in spades.
Gary Cooper is front and center on this yellow, orange, blue and white cover. With him are the other actors from this film as they engage in a gun battle. The back features four images from the film, a description of what this movie is about, a cast list and technical specs. Nothing too special here as far as artwork, but I am a fan of the classic/dated look that has been employed.
As soon as I saw that there were a stack of movies from Universal's Backlot Series in the MovieWeb offices, I went out of my way to let the powers that be know that I wanted to review them. These movies seem like forgotten pieces of cinema history and in many ways they hold up against some of the most action driven films going today. What makes Beau Geste so enjoyable is the fact that the story is rich, the acting is solid and everything about the narrative serves all that. It is because of that this title deserves a place in your DVD collection.

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  1. The Cryptkeeper

    Why do you always review the movies that look old, but say they're new, and I've never, ever heard of them?

    6 years agoby @americanpsychoFlag

  2. 313td

    Great movie

    6 years agoby @313tdFlag