There are many hours of special features that fans of the film are sure to enjoy.
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There are many hours of special features that fans of the film are sure to enjoy.

This is easily the worst film of 2005. I think that is a pretty strong bad point.
I am going to make a statement that may invoke violence: Rob Schneider is a funny guy. I know this because he was once a player on Saturday Night Live. He made my family and I crack up on a weekly basis as the copy machine guy and various other sketch comedy characters. He even impressed me a few years back with a little film called Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo.

Yes, Rob Schneider is a funny guy, and I have proof to back it up. My question is: why is he letting himself become the next Pauly Shore? Over the last few years he has lowered himself to being Adam Sandler's unfunny sidekick. To seal the deal on his poor choices, he starred in a sequel to the previously mentioned flick called Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo. While I thought it stood a chance at being on par with its amusing predecessor, I found that I was wrong. Way wrong!!!

European Gigolo takes us back to the misadventures of Deuce. After supposedly giving up the man whor* trade for the love of a one-legged woman, he is back in the game. His wife is now deceased after being attacked by sharks. With nothing to lose, Deuce heads to Amsterdam to meet with his fellow gigolo employer T.J. (Eddie Griffin).

It turns out there is a serial killer running amok in Europe. His primary targets are male prostitutes. The gigolo business is failing as the local "Richards-for-hire" are staying indoors with the fear of being brutally murdered. It is up to Deuce to go undercover and find out who is picking off the pleasure-bearers.

I managed to see European Gigolo in the theater. This is mostly because nothing else was playing at the time. However, there was a deep-seeded hope that perhaps the sequel would amuse me. Not only does the film not amuse me, but also it angers me for assuming the audience as complete idiots. As I have said before and I will say again, Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo is the worst film of 2005.

What amazes me is how a gross-out comedy that initially worked managed to step down so much in the sequel. Eddie Griffin added just the right amount of humor to the first film as a demanding pimp with a pension for dropping food into his Jacuzzi. This time around, Griffin is a bigger star and shares more screen time with Schneider. This is a very unfortunate thing. T.J. is no longer a likeable supporting character, but a gay-bashing, obnoxious abuser that dominates way too much screen time. Every five minutes, he is there to remind the audience that he doesn't mind being accused of murder...just as long as no one mistakes him for being a homosexual.

Like the first film, Deuce courts a variety of women that can be described as "different". While the first film was wrong at times with this gag, it managed to not go overboard with the gross-out factor. With the sequel, I covered my face in shame that someone actually thought these scenarios to be fresh and funny. Deuce dates a large woman obsessed with babies and a throat cancer victim that squirts already chewed food and beverage through her neck hole. If this is supposed to be tasteless, I haven't even scratched the surface. Let's take for example when Deuce dates a woman with a penis nose courtesy of a nuclear reactor accident. Try to imagine in the worst way what could happen when this woman sneezes. I think you get the picture, as I am not in the mood for graphic detail.

I could write a thick thesis on what is wrong with this film, but I don't think the film deserves even that. European Gigolo is sexist, homophobic, racist, pointless, and just plain gross. This is easily the worst film of the year and possibly one of the worst films ever. Fans of the original Deuce will probably even hate it. I consider myself the type that never gets offended by anything, but this movie succeeds with flying colors!
I thought this film couldn't be redeemed by anything. Fortunately for DVD, this disc is loaded with extras. While they aren't necessarily effective in making a horrible film look good, they still exist. I have to give a pat on the back to the DVD department for this one.

Behind the Gigolo

Is this possible? I've seen masterpiece films on DVD that barely get props on the extras menu. However, European Gigolo earns itself a behind-the-scenes featurette so long that it is divided into two parts!!! I couldn't help but laugh out loud as I watched a detailed video production diary for this movie. They treat it as if it is a delicate cinematic classic that needs to be remembered. Honestly, I couldn't even sit through the entire thing, as a doc*mentary this long on a film this bad is uncalled for. However, I commend it for doing what lots of DVD's won't: putting forth the extra effort.

The Casting Lounge

Great fun...for sexists. Schneider and other crewmembers audition hot girls for a scene involving an unsuspecting girl pressing her bare breasts against a plate of glass while soaking wet. Don't get me wrong; the occasional flash of nudity amuses me, but this is very low exploitation. This crap is the reason why I quit reading Maxim. I am sure 13-year-old boys will dig it.

T.J.'s Float Crib

In somewhat of a spoof of MTV Cribs, Eddie Griffin appears in character as T.J. T.J. gives the audience a tour of his floating palace from the film. As I said before, Griffin overdoes it in the movie. This extra doesn't exactly make me warm up to the comic actor.

So You Want To Be A Man Whor*

This divides into four mock commercials that continue the unfunny streak. The commercials are jokes that tie in with the movie. If you think the movie is funny, you might be interested. Otherwise, stay away.

Comedy Central's Reel Comedy Special

I generally find Comedy Central's movie specials to be somewhat appealing. They are generally very convincing in making every comedy on the market appear funny. They even succeed in doing so with this promotional featurette. This is fun for those that have not yet seen the movie and redundant for those who have.

A Burger and a Bentley

Rob Schneider reenacting the sexy commercial of Paris Hilton eating a Hardees burger. If you want more detail, please e-mail me. I am trying to do you, the reader, a favor by sparing the horrid detail.

Man-Ho 101

Throughout the film, characters throw out ambiguous sexual terms (e.g. Filthy Sanchez). It is a pretty tiresome gag in the film. This featurette brings into question what those terms may mean. Thankfully, no one seems to know.

In addition to the previously mentioned features, the DVD contains two worthless deleted scenes and a selection of previews.
Anamorphic Widescreen (Aspect Ratio 1.85:1). The vibrant colors and bodily fluid gags just scream Happy Madison Productions (Adam Sandler's production company). There is something about this comedy that seems even more lowbrow than the usual gross-out comedy. Everything is so out of hand that the quality resembles that of an outlandish Troma film. This wouldn't be such a bad thing if this were a Troma production.
Dolby Surround Sound 5.1. Nothing like hearing whimsical slapstick music blended with the sound of splattering semen in surround. Hmmm, try saying that seven times really fast.
Standard DVD keep case. The front cover is the theatrical poster art of Schneider sitting on a bench with the Leaning Tower of Pisa serving as a phallic over his crotch area. The cover touts the disc as the "Assume the Position Edition". Enough with the catchy DVD edition names already!
Maybe you can tell from my review, but I really hate Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo. This is a comedy so bad that I cringed in my seat at the embarrassment of the writers. Then again, perhaps bodily fluid gags are still a hit with some people. While the film is bad, I do give it minor props for trying to build a strong case with hours of special feature footage.

My Recommendation: If gross out is your game, I suppose this is worth a rental. However, I wouldn't touch it again with a thirty-foot pole.

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