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This was definitely an awesome and action-packed movie that I'm sure anyone will love the moment they begin to watch it. The visuals and different stunts and action scenes were definitely done very well, and made the movie intense, and very cool. I like the whole mysterious SPECTRE thing as well.
There's not really a lot of bad things in this particular Bond movie that I can think of to be honest, most cases a five star movie doesn't really have any flaws, so that's kind of a moot point, but I guess that the character of Tatiana annoyed me a couple times, with her lusting for Bond. I know it's supposed to be, but still.
Alright, so if you've read my review for "Dr. No," then you know that I've decided to tackle reviews for all twenty-two of the James Bond movies. If this is the first of my reviews that you are reading, then I'd like to start by saying: Yes. I AM serious about this. If you're wondering why, then I'll just have to say that I thought it would be fun, and it is, no matter how much time it'll take. lolz. My goal, as I've said, is to get the first twenty-one done before I go and see "Quantum of Solace" which IS included in my review series. The next thing I'd like to say, would be to thank Crypt again for allowing me to borrow his series of DVDs for the movies. I really appreciate it, since I've been meaning to see all of them for quite some time now, but every time Spike TV runs it's marathon of the Bond movies, I'm always there too late! I could start in the middle of the series, but I kind of wanted to start at the beginning and watch them chronologically in the order that they were released, and thanks to Crypt, I can do that now. This has to be one of the best Bond movies that I've seen so far, but DO keep in mind that besides "Dr. No" and "From Russia with Love," I've only seen "Goldeneye," "The World is Not Enough," "Die Another Day," "Tomorrow Never Dies," and "Casino Royale." When you think about it, in this series, that's not a lot at all. This one was incredibly action-packed, and had a lot of awesome scenes to it, which is what made it so cool. I really enjoyed this one, and it deserves all five of the stars that I gave it.

The director of this movie was once again Terence Young, who of course, directed "Dr. No," which was an awesome movie on his part. As I said before, and will continue to say until I've reached the Bond sequel where he DOESN'T direct, don't ask me which that is, though, I'll find out when I get to it. lolz. Anyway, he definitely had an awesome vision for this Bond movie, just like he did with the first one. He knew what he was doing when he decided to take on Ian Flemming's books, which are something I'm going to try and begin reading, since the movies have proved to be awesome movies. Speaking of writers, this movie has three. The first one technically wrote BEFORE there was even a movie thought of, that is of course Ian Flemming, who wrote the novel, then of course there is the woman who adapted the novel, whose name is Johanna Harwood, and finally we've got the man who adapted Johanna Harwood's adaptation of Ian Flemming's novel into a movie, and that is Richard Maibaum, whom, if you remember, was one of the Screenplay writers for "Dr. No." These two did a great job of bringing what must have been one hell of a book to the screen, and giving us another awesome James Bond movie. I wasn't alive in 1963, so I can't really say what the reaction to this particular Bond movie was back then, but I'm sure it was good since this was such an awesome movie. So the director, Terence Young, and the two writers, Johanna Harwood and Richard Maibaum, all three did a great job in bringing this movie to the screen, and I'm pleased to say, that so far, this is one of my favorites.

The visuals of this movie were without a doubt amazing. I know what you're thinking, though, "Amazing? For a movie that you've already said came out in 1963? I don't believe it." Well..... Believe it. I mean, when you compare it to today's standard in action movie visuals, it's not that great, but for it's time, I'm absolutely positive that it was a great visual movie. There are a few things that I guess I can describe. The first thing, is a gadget of course. This gadget would be Bond's suitcase, which had like forty bullet rounds inside of it, as well as a hidden knife, a tear-gas-bomb disguised as a can of deodorant, and fifty dollars in foreign money, I forget what they were called, sorry. lolz. The next visual, as I pointed out in my "Dr. No," review, I will point out in EVERY Bond movie, would be the Bond girl. In this one she is SMOKIN'! No joke, I was literally taken aback by her beauty, I mean, I expect beauty, all of the Bond girls have beauty, but this one was especially beautiful, and I commend the casting people for their choice. The next, is a scene with a helicopter, and Bond has to take it out on his own (If you've seen this, then you know EXACTLY what I'm talking about.), which was an amazing sequence in and of itself, but other than that, I won't go into detail, so as to spare you from spoiling, in case you haven't seen it yet. So yea, you could say that the visuals in this movie were absolutely awesome, and for a movie from 1963, you could call it a visual masterpiece. lolz.

The storyline of this one, was one that I really enjoyed, don't misread that, I really enjoyed all the other story lines for the other Bond movies that I've seen, but this was one of the better ones I thought. It's action-packed and full of intense action visuals, which is a plus, especially in a movie that's supposed to be action-packed. Like was the case with "Dr. No," for back then, this was actually a pretty original storyline, and I like how they decided to use the devices, and everything like that. I also liked how they inter weaved some different aspects into the villainy side of the story. That was definitely a very interesting part I thought, how one was supposed to be the villain in her own state of mind, but then at the other time, her boss is working for something even bigger and different than she thought. It's hard to explain, so if you've never seen the movie, and that confused you, then watch the movie, and you'll understand what I mean. Other than interwoven villainy, this movie has a great plot. Bond is brought into M's office to be briefed on an assignment. This assignment is most definitely a trap, so Bond is sent in with weapons. Normally they'd ignore it completely, BUT, the coding device that MI6 could possibly attain, is too valuable to ignore. So Bond is sent in to team up with a Blonde woman, and gain access to it, and get it back to MI6. But a group called SPECTRE has different intentions for Bond. The story pretty much sucks you in from the beginning, and keeps you interested the entire way through. As was the case with "Dr. No," I could barely tear my eyes from the screen. It'll definitely keep you interested, I guarantee that.

Returning to his role from "Dr. No" as James Bond, is of course, Sean Connery, who does absolutely amazing in this movie. Bond is on a date with a certain golfing woman that you'll definitely remember from "Dr. No," when he is paged to come in to "the office." When he arrives, he is given a new mission, but first he finds out that his mission involves a certain Blonde beauty from Russia, who saw his picture, and was star struck, and HAD to meet him. This was most definitely a trap as both Bond and M. agreed on, but what was to be gained was too great to risk losing, so Bond was sent in armed for the job, with a new briefcase, containing knives, ammunition, a fold up shotgun, and tear gas, as well as currency. James is told that this woman will do as he asks of her, and be generally pliant to help them gain the Lector coding device. As the mission goes on, James makes a friend in the Istanbul government, named Ali Kerim Bey, who is very helpful. When Bond finally comes face to face with this Blonde woman, whose name is Tatiana Romanova, or Tanya for short, he is smitten, as is always the case. However, little does James know, SPECTRE is behind everything, and he has many dangers around him, but the strange thing is, whenever he seems to have to kill someone to keep something a secret, or he is about to be killed himself, a mysterious, and unseen, person shoots the person dead, and leaves the dirty work out of Bond's hands. Bond is beginning to think that there is someone pulling the strings, and that getting the Lector Coding Device is not as important as it once seemed, though he definitely sticks to that task with his fierce determination. Sean Connery once again stepped into the role of James Bond, and once again, I was pleasantly surprised, and even more impressed with his portrayal of the character. He delivers once again the emotions, the drive, and the charisma that is James Bond, and does a great job at chasing the pretty ladies, as Bond is known for, but when it calls for seriousness, he does that well, too. His performance is once again convincing and believable, as well as a role that in this one you can definitely feel for (I mean, he is smitten, but knows that this is a relationship that could end wrong because he suspects that she is a bad guy, as well he should, so you feel sorry for him. I didn't, but other weirdos will. lolz.) and relate to (You've been smitten and in love, don't deny it. lolz.). He was definitely a great casting choice in "Dr. No," and such is the case in this one, and I'm glad he was able to return for the role.

Daniela Bianchi stars in this movie as the new Bond girl, or new if you're watching it in order after the last one, whose name is Tatiana Romanova, or Tanya, as she explains her nickname to be. Tatiana is a secretary or some such personnel for the Russian military, and one day she is called into a secret office by one of the commanders in that military, whose name is Rosa Klebb. Tatiana is given a secret mission for the military, and what she is promised is a promotion in her line of work. Tatiana sits, and listens as Rosa explains what she is to do, it seems to her like it'd be easy. She is given a picture of a man (James Bond), and told that she must meet him, and do anything that he says, and seduce him because he is going to think that she is there to help get a Lector decoding device. She does as she is pleased, since she is sentenced to death if she decides to refuse the mission. When she meets Bond at first it is strict business, but soon she begins to realize that she loves Bond, and all his charisma, and power of women, but this doesn't stop him from anything. She can tell that he wants her, but isn't going to do anything until he gets his mission finished. Soon they're working on things, and she must get to work in reporting her progress to Rosa Klebb to get everything right, but something is tugging at her as she goes along, and that is the fact that she doesn't like being a double agent, and betraying Bond, even if he already suspects her of it. So she is torn between serving her country and her boss, or renouncing it and relying on Bond to protect her. Daniela Bianchi does a great job as the Bond girl in this movie, and her story is one that kind of moves me, since she is so torn between what she is doing. She gets the right expressions, emotions, and feelings down for her character, and plays a good torn double agent. She delivers her role incredibly convincingly, as well as incredibly believably. She's a character that you can feel for (Since she's so torn in her interests and worries), as well as relate to (if you've ever had to choose between love, or your work). She was definitely another great casting choice for this movie.

Pedro Armendariz stars in this movie as Ali Kerim Bey, who is pretty much an official, or aristocrat of some sort in Istanbul. Kind of like the leader. Ali Kerim Bey is the one who MI6 contacts when they arrange for Bond to be sent to Istanbul to meet Tatiana Romanova to get to work on possibly attaining the Lector decoding device. He is very inviting for Bond, and begins to lay everything that he thinks out. He wonders why the British are so willing to trust this Tatiana woman, since her plan is most obviously a trap, but as he keeps getting told, the Decoding Device is very important. He tells Bond that should he need anything, all he has to do would be to come to him. As we learn, though, someone wants Ali out of the way, as an attempt is made on his life, but he was distracted just in the nick of time. Soon him and Bond begin to investigate some goings on, and learn of the place where the Decoding Device is being held, and that's where they are planning on striking at. That's when they end up in a Gypsy village to attend to some business, what they discover, is that a very well-known killer has been loosed on Ali, and they attack the Gypsy village, failing, now Ali's goal is to help Bond, AND kill this killer to regain his stance, and take away the hitman trying to kill him. He soon realizes that helping Bond out is a bigger task than it first seemed to be. Pedro Armendariz does a great job playing Bond's helpful sidekick, and makes the character very unique and likable, which is good since all of Bond's little "sidekicks" are supposed to be likeable. He plays out the character's diplomatic feeling, as well as his jolly nature, and good-heartedness well, while at the same time making sure that know one is stupid enough to try and mess with him. It's a hard type of character to play, I'd imagine, but Armendariz pulls it off very nicely, making the character both convincing, AND believable. He's also a character that you can feel for (Having to worry about his own life all the time, yet he still helps Bond out without any trouble or second questions.) as well as relate to (if you've ever been so loyal to a friend that you'd barely ask a single question if they asked for help, even if that friend was pretty much a total stranger like Bond was to Ali.). He was definitely yet another great casting choice for this movie.

Playing the bad guy, or in this case GIRL, in this movie is Lotte Lenya, and her character's name is, of course, Rosa Klebb. Rosa was a major in the Russian army for most of her life, and many know her very well, even MI6 has her down as an ally of sorts, and a Russian Commander, but unbeknownst to anyone, Rosa does not work for the Russian army any longer, and has long since stopped in her rank as commander. Now, Rosa works for SPECTRE, a large crime group, whom was introduced by Dr. No at the end of "Dr. No," if you remember that part correctly. Her position is pretty much at the top of command, and her name in it is Number Three, as yet, I am unsure of what the title means, but I do know that she is of great importance in the group. She is used as the strategic planner, since she was once a leader. Her job is to carry out Number Five's plan of capturing, and eliminating James Bond, while at the same time gaining the Decoding Device for themselves. They want Bond out of the picture for revenge for the death of their agent, Dr. No, but this is a feat that seems quite a bit larger than any one of them knew. Rosa has a soldier ready to send after Bond, one who is incredible shape, and is pretty much downright insane, and has no problems with killing. He doesn't even ask WHY he has to kill Bond. He just does. Pretty much, Rosa is behind everything, pulling the strings and making sure that everything is done correctly, so that the ideals and everything that SPECTRE needs done, is done. Lotte Lenya, though I've never heard of her, does a great job playing a psychotic Russian bad chick, and makes the character incredibly convincing and believable by playing out all the right emotions and expressions. She is a character that is reserved, but at the same time obviously and incredibly unstable. She plays out her feelings, worries, and general drive to stop Bond, and get things done for SPECTRE very well, and makes it one heck of a character. I don't know whether you could feel for her, or relate to her, but if those feelings were there to feel, I"m sure you'd most definitely feel them. She was DEFINITELY ANOTHER great casting choice for this movie, which is something that this movie had a lot of.

All in all this was another great James Bond movie, and I absolutely loved all of it. It's action-packed and very sleek, just like a Bond movie is supposed to be. The directing of this movie, done by the same director as the last Bond movie, was done by someone who definitely knew what it was that they were doing in the first one, and brought it to the table in this one doing just as good, if not even better than the first one. The writing of this movie was also done very well, adapting what must have been, as I said earlier, one hell of a book, into one hell of a movie, and making us interested in the story, which for the time was definitely an original story, for the entire movie. The visuals in the movie were also done brilliantly, and make for an awesome VISUAL experience as you watch the brilliantly played out action scenes, as well as the scenery and everything else that is linked with the visuals. The storyline is one that is most definitely good, and interesting, and it'll most definitely keep you in attention throughout the whole thing. It's got a great story, and great action and gadgets to go along with it, making it a definitely fast-paced movie. The acting ties everything up into one great big cinematic gift, as all the cast deliver convincing and believable performances, and make characters that you may, or in the bad guys' cases, may not, feel for and/or relate to on various levels. They all knew what they were doing definitely, and did great with their parts. All this make the awesomeness that is "From Russia with Love," which is now most definitely one of my new favorite Bond movies!!!!!

(NOTE: I've never been a big special feature watching person. I buy the big sets because sometimes I DO feel like sitting down and watching some of the commentary, but most of the time I don't. So I'm not going to be watching all of the Special Features on these discs, and won't be giving detailed descriptions of what it's about.)

This Disc Contains:

-Audio Commentary Featuring Director Terence Young and Members of the Cast and Crew.

-"Inside 'From Russia with Love'" Doc*mentary.

-"Harry Saltzman: Showman" Doc*mentary.

-Animated Storyboard Sequence.

-Original Theatrical Trailers.

-Original Promotional Trailers.

-Radio Spots.


-Collectible "Making-Of" Booklet.
This version of "From Russia with Love," like the version of "Dr. No" that I reviewed last night, was a great one in digitally remastering the picture of this movie from 1963, and making it pretty much brand new and good for our standards. Like I'll continue to say, it's always good to hear good things about the picture on a DVD because if it's too dark, then you lose quality, and that's annoying, of course, and then if it's too bright stuff is distorted and you could miss jokes that had to do with an object you missed, or a color that was distorted due to too much light. Such is not the case with this DVD, and it's definitely a great buy if you get it, since it's got so many nice features to it, and above all a great picture for viewing it. That's what I like about the older movies being put onto DVD, they always fix any faults that the movie's VHS version may have had picture and sound-wise, and make it better, and easier to view. Nothing against VHS tapes, of course, I'm just saying, it's nice to be able to see the picture clearly. So picture-wise: This version is a great one to buy!!!!!
As I always say, and will always CONTINUE to say, it sucks in a movie when it's SOOOOOO low when the talking happens that you have to turn the volume pretty much all the way up, JUST to hear it, and then when the action, explosions, fights, and shooting scenes finally hit, you're nearly deafened, and forced out of the window by sonic sound waves that you can almost see because you had it so loud so you could hear it. Such is not the case with this movie, though, just like it wasn't the case in "Dr. No." This one did a great job of remastering the sound, which for an old movie it's usually quiet, as I've explained before. That's another aspect that I liked, as I mentioned earlier, with DVD's: They always remaster the sound so that you can hear the movie without needing to turn it to levels of volume that would normally be deafening for movies in this day and age. It was great to be able to watch this movie without having to make myself nearly deaf to hear it. So if you're looking for good sound in a DVD: Buy this version, it's definitely got great sound quality!!!!!
As I always say, packaging for a movie is usually a very important part of things. Sometimes a person may have never heard of a movie that they see at a store, and pick it up to see what it's about, and if it LOOKS interesting. That's what I've come to understand when I see DVDs of movies that I've never even heard of, or never WOULD HAVE heard of if I hadn't seen it on the shelf before. This DVD's packaging is definitely very well done, and it's one that I really like. On the front cover we have another picture of James Bond holding up his gun while wearing his tux, and in the backdrop of this one, we have a picture of the explosion that happens during the scene between James Bond and the Helicopter (The scene that I mentioned earlier in my review of the movie.). It's a very cool effect, and I like how they did it, made it interesting. The front cover is what makes someone want to flip the case over generally, and find out more about the movie, if I'd never heard of this Bond movie before, I would have been flipping it over already. The back cover of the DVD shows a collage of stills and shots from the movie (Much like the DVD for "Dr. No" did.), and that looks really cool, then to the right of the collage, you have the synopsis of the movie, and all of that together make it even more interesting. So the packaging of this movie was definitely done very well, and made to look nice for possible buyers. If you're one that goes by look of movies when you buy them, then this is definitely a DVD for you because it looks nice, and would go great on your DVD shelf with the rest of the Bond movies!!!!!
So my "Final Word" on this movie and DVD is that it's a great one. The movie is so awesome, and you'll definitely love it as much as I did, but I doubt more, since that's a nearly impossible height of enjoyment to reach. lolz. The DVD's features are definitely pieced together wonderfully to make for a good package overall. The Special Features are definitely good ones from what I gather, and would definitely be enough to keep a person who loves Special Features interested for a long, long, long, long, long time, which is most definitely a good thing. The picture quality of the movie is definitely digitally remastered perfectly, and makes for a good viewing experience watching this classic, and probably (most definitely, in fact) timeless movie, that everyone loves. The sound was also remastered wonderfully and makes for a great hearing experience as you go through watching it, you don't miss anything, and if you do, it's because A) You don't have the volume up to a normal level, but below, or B)You're partially, or completely deaf. The packaging for the movie was also done wonderfully and make for a very interesting sight when you see it at the stores. You'll most definitely want to look at it, and then most definitely want to buy the DVD. So this is a great version of "From Russia with Love," and if you're trying to find a great version (like this!!!!!), then I suggest that you get this because it's nearly perfect!!!!! I know that when I go to get these movies, I'm definitely aiming to find this version of "From Russia with Love!!!!!"

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