The gorgeous models, and a few playful vignettes.
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The gorgeous models, and a few playful vignettes.
They went way too artsy-fartsy with Monaco's profile, a lot of it is fairly boring to watch, surprisingly enough, and the features are equally boring.
I'm just gonna warn you right now, because I don't want to get an email saying how inappropriate my review was. I don't get explicit or lewd in this review, but much is said between the lines. You shouldn't be watching this DVD if you're not 18 anyway, so if you can't handle my allusions in this review, then don't read it. I didn't even buy this DVD. It got sent to me to review, and, although it's a tough job, someone's gotta do it, right? Right. So, this is your final warning. If you take offense easily, stop

It's been awhile since I've seen one of these Playboy videos, and it seems nothing much has changed. When I was 17, I illegaly bought the Jenny McCarthy Playmate of the Year video in 1994, because I was certain she'd be my first ex-wife. That video had a bunch of little featurettes of her in certain roles, or whatever, and her stripping out of them and such. Seems not much has changed in 2006 with their Playmate of the Year Kara Monaco... but it's not like I really minded watching it.

For one, I was a little surprised that they've named the 2006 Playmate of the Year already. It is only July, after all, and while Ms. Monaco certainly is a stunner, in and out of her clothes, it's a little weird that they'd crown her Playmate of the Year, halfway into the year. Perhaps Playboy is like the Oscars, and they reward Playmate's of the Year with stuff they did last year, since she was Miss June 2005. If so, that's a little weird. Anyway, on to the nudity.

You actually get more than just Ms. Monaco in this DVD. There are 3 featured Playmates here, but Monaco gets about a half-hour to herself, while Christine Smith and Amanda Paige have to split up the remaining 25 or so minutes. They list the runtime at 80 minutes here, but that's probably including the special features. Anyway, I actually liked Monaco's part the least out of the three. They were too playful and less alluring with it and a lot of it just looked awkward. They have this part in the beginning where they show many shots, at many angles, wearing many varying degrees of clothes, of her falling on a bed or a couch or something. It seemed like they put Monaco on a much higher pedestal than the others, just because she's Playmate of the Year. Sure, she's naked most of the time, and more beautiful than the other two, but her little scenes are done in more of an artsy way than the others, with some insanely corny psuedo-alt-rock music in the background. Actually, the music for the whole DVD is pretty funny, because, while they don't blatantly rip off certain songs, you can easily tell what songs heavily influence the ones you hear here. Anyway, since most of the Playmates are aspiring actresses, and since she said she wants a "darker" role to play, they give her this cheesy little dark-ish scene that they probably thought was film-noir, but is really just more set-up for her getting naked than anything else. There is one really good little vignette, though, where she goes up to an apartment and starts stripping for the keyhole... only to realize she's stripping at the wrong apartment, for an elderly couple. Very good stuff, and the rest of the video should've been like this. We also get more of her talking about dreams and crap like that and, lets be honest, that's not why people buy these DVD's...

The other profiles, Christine Smith, Miss December 2005 and Amanda Paige, Miss October 2005 seem more like the Playboy style. The music is still corny, but it's the right flavor for the pieces, and there is just the right mix of playfulness and allure here. The fact that since their pieces are shorter, they talk less is also pretty good too, but if they would've used the same style here as they did with Monaco's profile, it would've been a lot better.

While, like I said before, I didn't mind watching it at all, I never really got the appeal of these Playboy DVD's. It's like an hour of foreplay, and then nothing else. I guess, if you're really obsessed with these Playmates and want to learn about their hopes, dreams, fears... and see Monaco play with a little dog naked, than this is the DVD for you. If you just need some "relief", then this surely is the DVD for you too. But, if you're looking for something else, I believe most video stores have that part in the back, with the curtain over it...
We get our first little feature in the main menu where they have a Photo Gallery with several shots, probably from their Playboy pictorials, of Monaco, Smith and Paige. It's a little odd, though, because in many of Monaco's shots, we see the allure that's missing from her video profile, and I don't know why they went another way with it. Oh well.

First up here we have Kara Monaco Original Playmate Profile. Remember what I said about the latter profiles, and how I wished they would've had Monaco's profile done like that? Well, this is it, folks. Done in 2005, this is exactly how they should've done the main profile. Sultry, playful and beautiful, the whole nine yards. If we would've had a half hour of this in the main profile, it would've been much better.

Next up is from 2004 in her profile for America's Sexiest Bartenders, which she won and got her Playboy feet wet with. It's only about 4 minutes long, and kind of boring, but, since you've seen her in 2006 and 2005, why not again in 2004?

The last thing we get here is this Behind the Scenes thing that was done for Playboy TV. This is a tad boring too, as we see all the stuff in the video, and Monaco talking about it. I kind of feel a little better about not giving this DVD a stellar review after this though, because it was clear that she didn't really have much of a say in this video, and the whole thing was pre-determined by people other than her. Her favorite part of her profile was the same as mine, the striptease in front of the wrong door, and it's just too bad they didn't have more of that kind of thing.
It looks good... damn good. Oh, the format, yeah. The DVD is presented in the widescreen format, in the 1.78:1 aspect ratio.
The sound is done in the Doby Digital Stereo format.
Simple and effective. The whole front cover is a shot of Monaco in a bikini with a few hula hoops around her waist, with the title card below it. On the back we get six random shots of Monaco and below that we get a little history of how Monaco got started with Playboy. Below that are the special features box and tech specs. While you obviously don't see her naked on the keep-case packaging, there is plenty to allure you in to watching it.
Kara Monaco is probably one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen. Gorgeous face, amazing body, and she doesn't come off flighty like many women like her are. Her amazing looks and potential should get her some film work, and it'll be interesting to see what she does with it. While I certainly liked her, I didn't like what they did with her profile, save the striptease in front of the wrong apartment. That part seems like her being her, and they should've did more of that rather than try to force some artful nudity on us. It seems they try to show her personality with her talking about stuff between nude scenes, and then the director takes over with the nudity part. While we all know what these videos are used for, maybe they'd be a lot better if the actual Playmates had more say in how their videos came out. It's a tough job I have, isn't it folks...

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