To bad its not a real porno but still hilarious
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Any one feel like giving me a dutch rider or even a dutch fudge rider ( see the deleted scenes hilarious) I will return the fever by doing a double dutch rider

Man this film had me laughing has much has Seth Rogen's 40 year old virgin , Superbad and knocked up put together . That should tell you a bit about my kind of sens of humor.

I have to admit i still havent seen a Kevin Smith film that i dont want to ad to my collection , thats one of the reason the only film i havent seen from him yet is Jersey girl . And some would find this a bit more vulgar then is other comedies , but i thought it was 100% Kevin Smith , yes its a bit more graphic but the language is as vulgar has in other flicks , and it was has clever and realistc has usual.

I thought the premise of the film was mainly beleivable , I adored the casting , am a fan of Elizabeth Banks , i find her hilarious ( one of the few things that made me laugh in 40 year old the second time i watch it), One of the bigger laugh i had in this film was her simple carzy response when Superman say thank you to her. Every time Craig Robinson's opens is mouth it's a sure laugh for me , one of the most underated side characters in The office in my opinion , I loved the chemistry he had with is wife played by Tisha Campbell , like i said shame they dint do a scene for the x-rated flick , would of been hilarious . Jason Mewes was made for this role , and for a X-starlett Kathie Morgan was great playing a ditzy blond (lol after seeing her chemistry with Mewes wonder if she ask him to do a porno with her ).I also liked that smith casted Traci lords in this am pretty sure theres more then one who watch this that dint know she was a ex-porn star , but i wouldnt go and trie and search for her film if you are over 20 all of her film she did except for 1 i think was before her 18th birthday she's 16 and mostly 17 on all of them. I was stoke to see Tom Savini (Dawn of the dead) ,Kenny Hotz ( from Kenny vs Spenny canadian and us fame) and Tyler Labine (Reaper) in cameos aldo all three would of been more hilarious has auditioners for the x-rated flick. But you have to agree Justin long is the f*cking show steeler in this has a weird gay porn actor , wow that voice and the way he plays that character is hilarious

For me there was a lot of jokes that work really well , both physical wise and dialogue wise .Like every Smith's films there was a lot of clever pop-culture reference , lol a lot of the films titles they would of come up with i had already thought of . Maybe the fact that Zack and miri made me think about me and my best girlfriend ( aldo i love her to death am not secretly in love with her and never will be) help a lot but i really enjoyed the film and one of the other reasons i really enjoyed it and this has sure rewatchibility value is the soundtrack love his choice of songs to Primus Wyona's lil' brown beaver to Mc Chris ( mc pee pants to Aqua teen hunger force connaiseur) ode to Bobba Fett called Fett's Vett , there all good songs to listen too

But theres a few things that makes this film not perfect dho The story could of used a lil' tweeking , specially for the ending ,Delaney and is wife should of had wanted to do a scene in the x-rated film, and like every smith films there over 30 deleted scenes and at least 5 or 6 are extremly funny and should of made the cut

but overall any hardcore Smith fan should find this funny in my opinion

Has for the features like always there a bunch of deleted/extended scene to o tru , but half of them are worth it and more then 5 are hilarious and should of made the final cut

Like any Smith dvd , the featurette are quite interesting and well done , and has always in the making of (popcorn porn ) it seems such a burden to Scott mosier for him to be producing and looks pretty stressfull on smith , maybe thats why they always make a sure hit with me.

some of the webepisodes are a bit boring but some specially with Craig Robinson are hilarious

outakes are always good for a laugh but some of the ad libs do get a bit boring

seth vs Justin : his hilarious

only thing i havent check out yet is the comentary pretty sure its great and insightfull like every Smith comentaries

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Comments (3)

  1. Rock

    In reality i wanted to give this a 8.5/10 rating , since like i said it aint perfect and some things could of needed improvment

    6 years agoby @elrochoFlag

  2. The CryptKeeper

    This is the funniest movie ever made.

    6 years agoby @catwomanFlag

  3. 313td

    It was ok,but 4.5 is a little high.

    6 years agoby @313tdFlag