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When you first heard of Warner Bros. plan to make a 3rd Terminator film without James Cameron's involvement you were probably scratching your head like I was in wonderment of how they were going to pull this off. Then you heard about Arnold Schwarzenegger's involvement with the film, and like me, you crossed your fingers and hoped for the best.

Well, the time came, and Terminator 3 made it's way to theaters, you walked in wanting to love every minute, but after screening the film, walked out in disappointment, head hanging low, and cursing the name of director Johnathan Mostow.

Even if that's not how it happened with you, that's exactly what happened with me. I found T3 to be a rather lame extension of the previous films. Expanding on the fumes of a brilliant story line by Cameron, T3's hideous attempt at a plot fizzled out within the very first moments of the film. One-liners were rehashed, and new ones were born. 'The Terminator' had become a mockery of himself and left everything that was cool about the character was left at the door.

And although most performances in the film are executed well, it still doesn't make up for the fact that the story has been tainted with this new re-telling of 'the future to come'.

The list goes on, but in all, I'm still left with pure, undeniable hatred for the film. They have taken a true classic and ruined it for generations to come...all in the name of making money. Some things just aren't sacred.
Commentary by Director Johnathan Mostow

A nice commenatary by the director. Nothing too special standing out in his comments worth noting, but in depth enough to keep you interested to keep listening. What is notable is the part of the commentary where Mostow tries to tell some of the stories of how he came to take over the franchise. He does this in a way that might satisfy some die hard fans. Had no effect on yours truly.

Cast Commentary

Nick Stahl, Claire Daines, Arnold, and Mostow all sit down to give some insight into the production. Nothing much here except the fact that any commentary with Arnold is amusing.

Theatrical Trailer & Video Game Trailer

Deleted Scene

A horrible outtake is included here, which to say the least, is embarassing. Let's just say it triggered the ®idiot shivers and gives true testement to the people we've trusted our beloved 'Terminator' to.

HBO First Look Doc*mentary

13 minutes of nothing but promo for the film. Doc*mentary? Give me a break. Why don't they just say, "can we please have your money...we promise we'll TRY not to rip you off".

Gag Reel

Some funny moments caught on tape, over dubbed with a horrible song from the soundtrack.

Visual FX Lab

A set of smaller featurettes which break down the anatomy of 4 of the major sequences in the film. Interesting. Just as well, there is an "FX Lab" included here so that users may change the aspects of various effects and see how they play out into the sequence. Nothing too astounding here.

Other Featurettes

Also included are some other featurettes which go behind-the-scenes of the video game, the toys, and the storyboards.
Presented in 2.35:1 anamorphic widescreen the film looks beautiful. On par with other huge Warner titles, T3 is vibrant when it should be, dark when it should be, and everything in between. A rich colorful picture is presented within this fine transfer. The only downfall I noticed was some inconsistent pixelation in various parts of the film, but it is so minor you really have to be looking for it. This does not detract from the overall quality.
Presented in Dolby Digital 5.1 the action packed soundtrack is booming. Why a DTS track wasn't included I'm not sure, but I can only guess that we haven't seen the last version of this film on DVD as I'm sure Warner Bros. is currently working on some sort of boxed set. Nonetheless, big bass, big explosions, big action. The soundtrack is worthy of any home theater setup.
Don't look for T3 to satisfy any yearning for an expanded plot from the first 2 films. This 3rd entry into the saga is absolutely different, and in my eyes, sub par to say the least.

On the other hand, if you liked the film you'll love the DVD. It's jam packed with everything you could want out of a special edition disc.

As one movie goer exiting the theater proclaimed as he walked out, "Terminator the TV show"...

I couldn't agree more.

Yes, for the true fans, the cheese level in part 3 is almost impossible to overcome.

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  1. GK

    Great review.

    6 years agoby @indianajonesFlag

  2. The Boondock Saint

    i dont know why everyones hatin on this movie , i loved it!! as good as 1 or 2? hell no , but still good

    6 years agoby @combatmadness360Flag

  3. Shelley

    Great review Brian!

    6 years agoby @shelleyFlag

  4. CBF

    good review

    6 years agoby @comicbookfanFlag