Horton Hears a Who DVD: Review By Forrestgump1

Can Hollywood get it right when it comes to Dr.Seuss?
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The Answer is no from The Cat In The Hat and the Grinch and now this. Now do not get me wrong i loved The Grinch and The Cat In The Hat but Horton Hears a Who. Come on sure this film is going to attract the young ones and the adults are going to be dragged to see this. But it is not worth it. Jime Carrey was a little distraction for me because i felt Jim Carrey did not do his best at putting his heart into the voice of Horton. I am not saying the movis is terrible but it is not one of my favorites. There were some funny parts. But other than that the animation was okey and the film it's self dull. Rated PG

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