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Yeah, in a week you'll be somebody's wife...

Cole Hauser plays Bo Laramie, the simple Montana-grown family man that has come-up in construction and is now a big action star. Bo's wife (played by the always effective Robin Tunney) and son are caught in the cross-fire of Bo's newfound success. Sure, the family loves the big new house in Malibu and the other perks, but the invasion by the bottom-feeding paparazzi is a bit more than they're ready for.

When Bo's wife and son are brutally injured in a car accident while being chased by feeding paparazzi (in a nod to Di's death in the tunnel in Paris), Bo gets only lip-service from the law and no real help from his professional "handlers".

So what is a fine, upstanding, simple man of unimpeachable moral fiber to do? Take matters into his own hands, of course.

Bo, quite by accident, discovers that the untimely demise of a paparazzi parasite is both satisfying and permanent. A flicker of recognition ignites the solution to Bo's problems.

As we cheer Bo in his drive for retribution, he levels his sites on each of his antagonists, one-by-one. Stepping perilously close to the long gaze of law enforcement (OK, some suspension of disbelief required for this one), Bo proves that a man is still a man (especially if he hails from Montana).

Along for the ride are Tom Sizemore, the leader of the feeding pack of photogs and Daniel Baldwin, a sc*mbag shutterbug that is handy with not only digital photography, but also with Photoshop.

Director Paul Abascal delivers a decent bit of entertainment. An enjoyable pic, Paparazzi delivers at a level that that will keep you interested for the full hour and a half of the running time.
Overall, we get a real disappointment from the special features treatment on this disc. It's not like there's nothing, but only nominally more than nothing. We could have been delivered so much more on this one. Are we to believe that Mel didn't have anything interesting to say on the record? Maybe Ben and J.Lo? Brad and Jennifer? It would have been interesting to even drop some of the Princess Di paparazzi conspiracy newsmags on the disc. As it is, it's pretty bare.

Commentary - Paul Abascal (director)

Decent commentary. To truly deliver the goods, though, we should have been treated to Mel Gibson riding shotgun on this thing. There's a guy that knows about how angry the Paparazzi can make a big action star.

Deleted Scenes

Nothing spectacular here. I'm pretty hard on all deleted scenes, though, since there is really no need to see most of them.

Making of Featurette

Really weak. A true waste of DVD space. We don't get any true behind-the-scenes stuff, only fluff.


Blah! Check out the trailers on MovieWeb.

The Stunts of Paparazzi

Nominally interesting. A quick look at a couple stunts. Nothing you haven't seen before.
On the Philips HD LCD, this disc delivers the goods. No pixelation and good colors. We don't get a very heavily filtered visual on this one. Refreshing.
In 5.1, the pic has some great sound, including not only the action bits and some good music, but also a decent, if slightly dark score by Brian Tyler.
Basic black amray keep-case and a jacket that shows us some inisght into the film via integrated images in the title. Basica labeling on the back and list of specs and features.
A decent revenge actioner to take up your Friday night. You'll find some entertainment here if you don't over-think it.

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