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When I first saw Friday After Next in theaters I wasn't impressed at all. And

guess what, after viewing this thing again on DVD, I can safely say, there is

still nothing special about the third outing of the Friday


Friday After Next serves up one corny joke after another that'll keep your

eyes rolling the entire time. And while filled with tons of played out stereotypes,

there's nothing really new here in terms of quality content. Time and time again

as I watched the movie, I was reminded just how good the first Friday was, and

how much this film was relying on that fact.

This movie, above all, made me want to turn off this hack impression and watch

the real splendor in the first Friday


While New Line pumps out the titles with the enhancement of Infinifilm™,

each DVD they put out surpasses the last with more and more features. Friday After Next is no different. It's jammed packed with special content, only available

on this DVD:


- Microphone Fiend: From Stage To Screen

- It Was A Good Day: Behind The Friday franchise

- Ghetto Fabulous: Costume Design Doc*mentary

- The Pork Report: A look at authentic BBQ

- Fact Track: Trivia Subtitles with direct scene access

All Access Pass:

- Director and Producers commentaries

- Actor commentary

- Deleted Scenes with commentaries

- Gag Reel

- Hump Day: Production doc*mentary

- Holiday In The Hood: Production Design Doc*mentary

- Music Video: "It's The Holidaze" - by West Side Connection

- Theatrical and Teaser trailers


- Your basic website linkage here

Not sure what New Line's Infinifilm™ does?

- The movie starts as it would if you were watching it normally.

- Throughout the film, prompts will pop up with one or more selections

of extra content that relates to that scene in the movie (examples include interviews,

behind-the-scenes footage, deleted scenes and more).

- Using your arrow keys on your DVD remote control, you may choose

to watch this extra content.

- Once it is complete, you will return back to the movie - right

where you left off!

- Or, if you do not care to watch the extra content, simply ignore

the prompt and continue watching the movie.

What can I say? The film looks outstanding, just as you would expect from New

Line's line of Infinifilm™ presented DVDs. The colors are vibrant, the

picture is sharp, and the contrasts are almost perfectly balanced. Presented

in 1.85:1 anamorphic widescreen, Friday After Next is a great looking DVD.

If you pop the disc onto the second side you are treated with an open matte

4:3 version, formatted to fit your TV. But beware...all of the extras lie on

the widescreen side of the disc.

Lively Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS 5.1 soundtracks are provided for your listening

options on the film. With hardly a moments rest throughout the film's duration,

you'll want to listen to the DTS soundtrack if you're setup for it as it is

very dynamic in it's 360 degree sound presentation. Let's put it this way...this

DVD knows the meaning of "surround sound".

An English 2.0 mix, subtitles, and captions are also included on the disc.

Although the film is very lackluster in many departments, people will watch

this thing...especially if it's on cable TV. While there are a few good moments

in the film that will bring about a chuckle or two, you won't find the same

charm the very first Friday had. Cubevision, please do us all a favor

put this Friday thing to rest.

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