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Austin Powers is back in his 3rd romp as the thawed out spy from the past. This time Austin find himself not only fighting the powers of Dr. Evil (Mike Meyers) and his henchmen he must take down the "aptly named Goldmember". Austin's father (Michael Caine) has been kidnapped theevil doers and he must enlist the handy work of a former flame named Foxxy Cleopatra (Beyonce Knowles).

I have never been an Austin Powers fan. I always thought the humor was a little too low brow for my tastes. With that said, and having never seen the movie in the theater, I can say that my review might be a little jaded. But, this will inevitablylead to a more honest opinion of the DVD.

Although the cameo filled intro and outro to the film in nothing short of genius, after seeing this movie for the first time on my DVD player, I have come to the conclusion that Mike Meyers brand of humor has become stale in this 3rd outing of Austin Powers. The jokes have become tedious and boring, and many seem not to work onscreen. I think this is the type of movie that would have you laughing with the rest of the crowd while you're sitting in the theater, but as soon you watched it privately in your home, you're not going to find the gags as humorous. I can tell you, that I surely did not.
The standard for special features on DVDs have become exceedingly high these days on big budget films. This is great a great thing for the consumer because any DVD you pick up in this age of the digital disc, you are guaranteed to get a big bang for your buck.

The special features on the disc are right up to today's standards. With the high rez Infinifilm treatment this disc gets which allows you to explore other parts of the film via clips, and text while watching the actual movie, you'll have more Austin then you can handle.

Commentary by Jay Roach and Mike Myers:

A pretty humorous commentary track that runs throughout the film. You can tell Jay Roach kind of just let's Myers be himself and go off onto whatever tangent he feels suited to talk about at the moment. Austin Powers fans will get a kick out of the pair.

Beyond the Movie:

A nice look into the inspiration for some of the costumes and locations chosen for the film.

Fact Track:

Part of the Infinifilm experience that gives insightful tips on the scenes happening onscreen the moment they are being presented.

Deleted Scenes:

A ton of deleted scenes are included on the disc. Many of them were cut for reasons of length, but I can say the full production value is involved in the scenes and are just as funny as any scene in the movie. With audio commentary ON you won't really hear what goes on onscreen, but rather hear why the scene was ultimately cut from the film.

The World of Austin Powers:

A great 30 minute doc*mentary revolving around the process of making Goldmember. A worthy addition to the disc.

4 music videos:

"Work it Out" by Beyonce Knowles. "Boys" by Britney Spears. "Daddy Wasn't There" by Ming Tea & Mike Myers. "Hard Knock Life" by Dr. Evil and Mini-Me.

Visual FX Segment:

A prominent feature on the disc, but it really bears no more meaning then anything in the World Of Austin Powers clips. An odd choice in placement, but the clip serves up some great visual effects techniques that were used in the film.


First on the DVD-ROM side is the norm for DVD-ROM content such as weblinks, icons, desktops, background patterns, & screensavers. Just as well, DVD-ROM users that use a PC can access websites and exclusive content from the film just from owning the DVD. Too bad it's just for PC users. Hopefully one day soon someone will step to plate and create Mac content for all of us Apple users!

Austin Powers Revoice Studio (record your own voice to certain scenes):

With Microsoft DirectX (v8.1) and some sort of microphone connected to your Windows machine , you can record your voice into 10 different scenes, and dub lines for 10 different characters. You can end up saving up to 8 takes of one scene! A tutorial is included. This is a very innovative feature and get 2 big thumbs up for being different!
Presented in 2.35:1 anamorphic widescreen, Austin Powers has never looked better. High contrasts, and colorful scenery make for a delightful viewing experience! A perfect transfer, as what you'd come to expect from a high profile New Line DVD such as this.
Presented in both Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround EX and DTS 6.1 ES Discrete, the soundtrack is gonna knock your socks off. I don't think 'groovy baby" gets better then this. Nice separation and a great transfer.
Austin Powers fans can rejoice. This is Austin's best DVD to date. And with so much jammed packed onto this once disc set, the DVD is well worth your 'shagedelic' cash.

For those who aren't Austin Powers fans, I'd say rent this one first. Depending on how you saw the other films in the series, it will, and should effect your decision on checking this film out. Don't expect things to be too different from the other films, which could end up making this experience a dud.

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