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Oh the things I do for England.
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This was DEFINITELY a lot faster going than "Thunderball" and it's my second favorite of the Connery James Bond movies. It had an awesome villain, and awesome fight scenes split through the movie evenly, and done awesomely. I also liked the Japanese scenery, it was beautiful.
While this was easily an awesome James Bond film, there was one thing that bothered me, and caused me to not give it a full five stars. For one, there was all the Japanese accents, which I normally have no trouble with, but in this film, I couldn't understand some of the things that they said.
Alright, so I never got to watch my nightly Bond movie (Well, nightly as of late, and until I finish. lolz.)last night since I went to a Halloween Party, lolz. Anyway, the moment this movie began, I was drawn into the story, and amazed completely. It was amazing. I'm a huge Bond fan by now, not that I wasn't to begin with, I just wasn't familiar with most of them, but after watching the first five of the movies, I'm hooked. I'm going to have to get this entire series most definitely. I wasn't expecting it to be fast-paced or anything, since "Goldfinger" and "Thunderball," which weren't bad in any case, and also weren't slow, they just dragged a bit. I figured this MIGHT follow the case, but since this one took two years after "Thunderball" to come out, they must have used the extra time to an extent, and patched every hole. It had an incredibly fast pace, interesting characters/villains, and everything else. I liked how the story played out and everything. Another great Bond, one of the best I'd say.

The director of this movie is a new one to the series, and his name is Lewis Gilbert. He does great because his directing technique feels almost exactly like the Terence Young films, which is awesome because if you don't pay attention to directors, then you wouldn't have noticed, and felt like you were still watching a continuation of the story. Which you ARE even if it's a different director, but it makes it more personal of a continuation, if it's the same director all the way through. I really liked Gilbert's vision for the series, and it really played out well, making a good movie with everything he had. The writers of the story are plentiful, and I'll mention them all, BUT first I'd like to mention the first one. Roald Dahl. Does this name sound familiar? Well it SHOULD! Dahl wrote such famous books as "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang," "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory," "The Witches," "The BFG," and "Matilda." NOW do you remember him? I never knew that he did screenplays, but that was his job for this movie, and he did great with it. Harold Jack Bloom is the other writer for this movie based from Ian Flemming's novel (Which must have been a really good one.) and he does a great job as well. Both writers create an awesome Bond movie from what I can only assume is an awesome book. All three of these men do a great job making this movie, and definitely add another great movie to the James Bond series.

The visuals in this movie, which is usually the case in all of the movies that I've seen of the series so far, is really awesome. The first thing that I will mention is all of the beautiful Japanese scenery in the different scenes where Bond is training to become a ninja, and also where they're swimming and on the beach. It's all very nice to look at and everything. The next thing I would like to mention are the two Bond girls, who are both smoking hot, I must say, and as always they add to the feel of the movie completely. Then of course there is the one Gadget that Bond uses in the movie, which he calls "Little Nelly." "Little Nelly" is a miniature helicopter, and it's equipped with tons of rockets, mines, and different assortment of weapons. It was neat to see in action, and fun to watch take on four helicopters, and bring them down. I love the gadgets definitely. Then there's the various action seats that are played out awesomely. There's a car chase a helicopter dog-fight, and then there's a big old fight scene in a crater, only to name a few. All of the visuals in the movie are done amazingly, and add to the movie wonderfully. So the visuals are definitely done great, and really add to the movie.

The storyline of this movie is an awesome one as well. It's definitely a good way to FINALLY show #1's f*cking face!!!!! lolz, jk, but it's nice to finally get to see him, and learn of his motives. You know, I mentioned it a lot in my review for "Dr. No," and since I've maybe mentioned it once or twice in my other Bond reviews, but this is the one series that has survived TWENTY sequels so far, and a TWENTY-FIRST sequel is coming out. I can't help but revel at the series' success. It's nice to see such an awesome series do so well, and I'm glad I've got the chance to watch them all (Thanks Crypt!!!!!). This story for the Bond series again is original, and overall I guess you could say that it's original to any movie you put out there. I mean, I've never seen a British Agent be trained to become a Japanese Ninja, have you? Anyway, I digress. This one had a rock solid and very entertaining story. At the beginning, James Bond is on a new assignment. It seems that an American Space Shuttle has been captured along with two of it's drivers, and hasn't been heard from since. They blame it on the Russians, but the Russians then launch one of their Space Ships and IT is taken and never heard from. So now the two nations are possibly at war, and it seems that James' duty leads him to find the answers to the whereabouts of these two space shuttles, and stop the impending war. It also pits him against the leader of the strange and evil group that calls itself "SPECTRE." The beginning of this movie starts out awesome with an interesting sequence, and from then on it's a lot of action and awesome parts. It keeps your interest generated in it throughout the whole movie, and is damn awesome to watch. Definitely a great storyline from what must have been an awesome book, as I've said a lot already. lolz.

Sean Connery returns for the fifth time to what I can only say must be his most famous role throughout his career (though the first thing I ever watched him in was "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen."), and he comes back with a bang. James Bond in the beginning of this movie is in bed with a woman, and she gets up, seeming to go and get something, but really pushes a button that closes the bed back into the wall, and then a firing squad goes in and shoots it up. James Bond is dead! However, we find, after viewing his funeral, it was a rouse to confuse all of Bond's enemies, and give him some, as M. says, "Elbow Room." He then is briefed for his mission, which is to find out about the disappearances of the American and Russian satellites, which brings Bond to the lovely land of Japan, and into a hellishly large plot to cause war between to nations that are teetering over the edge of going to war as it stands. In China he makes friends with a man named Tanaka, who is called Tiger as a nickname. Tiger helps Bond with everything, and is a useful assistant, as is Tiger's assistant Aki, whom Bond seems to fall in love with. When Bond discovers a secret that may lead to what he is looking for, and reveals it to Tiger, Tiger has him trained to become a Japanese ninja, and Bond goes through a sort of Temporary Transformation that will make his appearances those of a Japanese man, and then goes through training to become a Ninja, and even gets married (James Bond?! I know! lolz!). He soon discovers what organization is behind everything, and does all he can to take the organization down. Sean Connery does an excellent job once again as Agent 007, James Bond, and makes the movie more awesome than it already was. Like I've been saying, he really plays the charm and charisma that is James Bond very well, and makes the role completely convincing and believable, and makes it a role that you can really feel for (Since he's got such a huge undertaking this time, and he's got intense training, and a lot of stuff happens [you'll understand the "stuff" when you watch it.] that puts him on the edge.) and relate to even (I mean, he's doing everything that HE can do to try and prevent war, it's what everyone does, even though he's trying to prevent War from breaking out in nations, while normal people try and stop war between themselves, and say another person.). He was definitely a great casting choice for this role when he was cast in "Dr. No" in 1962, and he's still a damn good casting choice for this one which came out in 1967, and I'm damn glad he came back for it, too.

Akiko Wakabayashi (There's a mouthful. lolz.) stars in this movie as one of the two new Bond Women, her character's name is Aki. Aki is the assistant to Tiger, and as his assistant, she assists James Bond. She seems to appear everywhere just in the nick of time, saving James just in the nick of time literally, whenever she shows up. She saves him from countless gunmen who would have otherwise killed him, and such other things. She proves to be very resourceful, and has just the things that Bond needs for help as well, when she's there. At first, though, it seems that she's a bad guy when she meets Bond at a Sumo Wrestling Match, and exchanges the right code words with Bond. Everything goes according to plan, and when they part, Bond goes to see a man, that's when she returns and takes him to see Tanaka, but she suddenly abandons the car in his questioning, and tries to run, he catches up, but is tricked, and thrust into a room. It turns out that everything was a false alarm, and that there was no harm done, since she was working for the good guy, and that ends up being his sanctuary. She then falls in love with Bond, and him it seems with Her. They pretty much are inseparable (Though you know James, so you also know that that is more on his part than it is hers, lolz.). Akiko Wakabayashi (there's that mouthful of words again. lolz.) does great as the newest Bond, and she is also very hot and sexy in the different outfits that she wears in the film. She plays out the character's resourcefulness, her charm, and her deadly fighter/survivor personality all very well, and makes the character realistic, as well as convincing and believable. She's even a character that you can feel for (since she's so smitten by James Bond, who is clearly someone who doesn't take much stock in the concept of "Love.") and even relate to (since I'm sure that many of you have been in love with someone that you pretty much knew you couldn't have at all.). She really was another great casting choice for this movie.

James Bond's helpful sidekick/assistant in this movie, Tiger Tanaka, is played by an actor by the name of Tetsuro Tamba, whom I'm never heard of. Tiger Tanaka is the leader of the Japanese Secret service, which was never named in the movie. At the beginning of the movie it seems that Tiger Tanaka is pretty much a bad guy, he has shady things, and shady traps in his warehouse, but when Bond asks Tiger how he feels, and Tiger responds with "I Love You," then we definitely know that he is a good guy, since "I Love You," was the code word set up by MI6 and the Japanese Secret Service. From there on out, Bond has all of Tiger's help and devotion, and Tiger does all that he can to help Bond out, and that's a lot of stuff, since Tiger is the leader of the Japanese Secret Service. Soon, it seems though, that there mission is uncovering some stuff that deals with, and goes beyond, the American and Russian Space Shuttles that were stolen right in the middle of Space. Once this is found out, Tiger then insists that Bond change his appearance, and begin training as a Ninja, one of the elite groups of soldiers at Tiger's command. He also insists that Bond take a wife, so that he fits in as a local Japanese man when they slip onto an island to bring down the people stealing the Space Shuttle. Tiger proves to be just as resourceful, if not MORE resourceful as Aki is, and brings James pretty much anything that he asks for and needs. Tetsuro Tamba does a great job in this movie as Tiger Tanaka, and brings out the character's leadership personality, as well as his resourcefulness, and friendliness, and makes a character that just wants to help and do the right thing. He does all of this very well, very convincingly, and very believably, also making a character that you can feel for (Since he strives to do what's right, but he's got a foreign nation that thinks his nation is trying to destroy them, but he believes that they are not, and he tries to defend their honor.) and even relate to (since I'm ALSO sure that all of you have had to defend your honor, and maybe even YOUR COUNTRY'S honor, a couple times, probably EVEN MORE than a couple times.) He was definitely yet another great casting choice for this movie.

The second Bond Woman in this movie, Helga Brandt, is played by actress Karin Dor, another actress that I've never heard of before. Helga Brandt is this movies Bad Bond Woman, and she's a particularly nasty one. She works side by side with the leader of a chemical company, and seems to do his bidding, but from what we see later on in the movie, she is HIS leader. She is agent #11 for the SPECTRE organization, and her job is to kill James Bond when he actually surfaces again. When she first meets him, she thinks that he's a British Chemical Company Owner, looking to buy some Chemicals from the man she works for, but what she and the Owner of the Chemical Company discover, is that he's a bit more than that, and carries the exact type of pistol that James Bond, a BRITISH Secret Agent carries, no less, and knows pretty much instantly who it is. She is then commanded by the leader of SPECTRE to have him killed, and yet, it seems that she might be wooed by James Bond, but we see that this is not the case when we see Bond seduce her, and then we think that they are going to escape to England, and that she has turned good because of James Bond's, uh.... CHARISMA. She wouldn't be the first one, you know. However, she then tries to dispatch of James' life while in an airplane, she shackles him, and jumps out, leaving the airplane to crash. She's probably one of the meanest Bond girls yet in the series, but she's sexy. Karin Dor does a great job in this movie as Helga Brandt, the Bad Bond Woman. She plays out the character's ferocity, her meanness, and her overall fierceness, and makes an incredibly convincing, believable, and even realistic character/bad guy. She was DEFINITELY ANOTHER great casting choice for this role.

Donald Pleasance stars in this movie as Ernst Stavro Blofeld (another mouthful. lolz.), better known throughout the series as "#1." Ernst Stavro Blofeld's part in this is not very big, but in and of itself it's huge, since the character has pretty much been throughout the series so far since "From Russia with Love." Ernst's plan in this is large that anything else that he's so far planned. On terms with the highest form of Japanese Government, he is attempting to start a war between America and Russia, one that could scale so large as to become World War III (Or two, maybe, I'm not sure if the timeline is before or after World War II, or not. lolz. I'm all confuzzled.), and it'll leave him in power to take over the country, and even the world to destroy everything he possibly can. He operates everything out of a crater on an island in Japan, and he soon discovers something that definitely does not please him. This something that he discovers, is that James Bond, who was advertised across the world to be dead, was still alive, and that it was all a rouse to stop him from caring whilst Bond searches places to find answers to where he was and the things he was planning, as well as the American and Russian Satellites that he had stolen. Now Ernst focuses not only on his plans of causing a potential World War III (or World War II, whatever.) and also taking over the world, but on eliminating James Bond so that he can achieve this goal without having to worry about Bond getting in his way for the umpteenth time (lolz.). Donald Pleasance is one of my all time favorite actors, and it's because of his most famous role (and I say this with complete confidence) as Doctor Samuel Loomis, from the original "Halloween" movies (where he is pitted against the legendary Michael Myers). I liked him in this role because now I better understand the character that Dr. Evil from the "Austin Powers" movies is spoofing, and also because this was such a diabolical and spooky sort of man. He really played out the character's fierceness, his ferocity, and his downright evilness very well, and made for a very realistic and awesome character overall, and delivered this performance very convincingly, as well as very believably. He was definitely YET ANOTHER GREAT casting choice for this movie, which seems to be a pattern with all of it's characters. lolz.

All in all this was definitely one hell of a Bond movie (aren't they all? lolz.), and it was damn fun to watch and witness the entire way through. Though it's from a director that is new to the series, and unheard of to me, it's directing is done perfectly, and pretty much is a wonderful match of Terence Young's work on "Dr. No," "From Russia with Love," and "Thunderball." He definitely knew what he was doing when he filmed this movie, and he definitely knew what he was doing as he was working on making it fit the series in feel from the other director's point of view. The writing for this movie was awesome, bringing in an Author whom I'm a pretty big fan of, and making an awesome and original storyline that we can all definitely enjoy. The visuals in the movie, as I constantly point out is the real case with all of the James Bond movies, are very awesome, unique, and intense. The different fight scenes, gun fights, helicopter fights, shooting, and all of the explosions are brought to life wonderfully and make for an awesome visual experience. The storyline of the movie is another high point for the movie, and is very original, and makes for an awesome movie, that we can all love. It keeps your interest right from a fight scene in the very beginning to the giant Ninja Vs. Henchmen fight scene at the end, and keeps you're interest throughout the whole thing. The acting in the movie ties it all up as usual, and makes the movie awesome by creating characters that, on various levels, you can feel for and relate to, and these characters are also incredibly convincing, believable, and realistic. So this was definitely an awesome James Bond film, and one of the Best So Far, I'd say, and I'm definitely going to have to buy this one as well!!!!!

(NOTE: I've never been a big special feature watching person. I buy the big sets because sometimes I DO feel like sitting down and watching some of the commentary, but most of the time I don't. So I'm not going to be watching all of the Special Features on these discs, and won't be giving detailed descriptions of what it's about.)

This Disc Contains:

-Audio Commentary Featuring Director Lewis Gilbert And Members Of The Cast And Crew.

-"Inside 'You Only Live Twice'" Doc*mentary.

-"Silhouettes - The James Bond Titles" Doc*mentary.

-Animated Storyboard Sequence.

-Original Theatrical Trailers.

-Radio Spots.


-Collectible "Making-Of" Booklet.
Alright, so as was the case with the other four Bond DVDs that I also reviewed, the picture for this movie was digitally remastered, and it was digitally remastered perfectly, making for awesome picture and you never miss a thing. Like I always say, and always will, the picture of a movie is vital. If your picture is too dark, then you miss key points to the movie, especially in movies like this, the other James Bonds, Horror Movies, or intense movies, they tend to show a lot of silhouettes in the dark, and if your picture is too dark, then you miss them because you couldn't notice them, and it'll either, A) Scare the sh*t out of you, or B) Make you say "What the f*ck?!" Lolz. THEN! If your picture is too LIGHT, it'll distort the color, and you'll miss different color or tone related jokes because the colors were different than what the movie intended them to be, which is something that usually pisses me off. You get used to watching movies in their proper colors, you know? lolz. Anyway, none of this happens on this version. If you want a version of "You Only Live Twice" with good picture quality, then I recommend that you DEFINITELY buy THIS version!!!!!
As is the case with the rest of the Bond DVDs that I've reviewed, and also as was the case with the picture, the sound on this version of "You Only Live Twice" is remastered perfectly, and you're LISTENING experience is just as good as you VIEWING experience. As I always say, the most annoying thing about watching a movie as old as this one, is when the sound and speech on the movie is too low, and you can't hear anything, and then you go, and you turn the volume up pretty much all the way, and then you can hear it as if it is on a normal level. BUT THEN! When it gets to a high-octane, fast-paced, gun shooting, explosion ridden scene, then you're pretty much BLASTED out of your seat and out through the window behind you. Now that's an exaggeration, but sometimes it really feels as if that's what's happening, and then you have to get up and turn the volume down so that you're not being blasted away, and then it's quiet, and you have to turn it all the way back up, and then it's loud again, etc. etc. It's ridiculous. However, that's NOT the case with this version of "You Only Live Twice." This version's sound is redone perfectly, and allows you to keep the volume at an even, and normal level, and you're not blasted away, or calling your doctor for a hearing-aide. So if you're looking for a version of "You Only Live Twice" that has great and awesome sound quality, then this is DEFINITELY the version for you!!!!!
Packaging, as I always stress, is another important angle in a DVD when it's being sold. If the proper packaging is not there, then people who've never seen, nor heard of, the movie won't be interested because the case wasn't intriguing. I know, it's hard to believe that there are people out there who've never heard of any of the Bond movies, but there could be people out there that do, so it's important to have the proper packaging to sell it to those people, so that they get interested and buy the movie. This version's packaging is done very well. The front cover shows the usual picture of James Bond with the determined look in his eye, carrying his usual hand gun, and then in the back drop you see the setting sun, and a man (most obviously a ninja.) carrying a samurai sword. You don't see his face, just the silhouette, and that give the whole front a very eerie, mysterious, and overall awesome feel. This cover, then does the magic trick of enticing this person whose never heard of the movie, into picking it up, and looking at the back cover. The back cover needs to be the seller, since, USUALLY, it's the Back Cover that makes the sale for the costumer whose never heard of the movie. THIS particular Back Cover is done very nicely. It's got the usual collage of stills and other images from the movie, all on the left side, and then on the right it's got the usual synopsis for the movie. It does great for selling, and makes the whole back cover look neat, tidy, and not too crowded. So if I were a customer, who'd NEVER heard of this movie, then I'd definitely buy it. So if you're looking for a version of "You Only Live Twice" with good packaging, that will also look good on your shelf with all of the other James Bond movie, as well as all of your other movies in all, then this is the version for you!!!!!
So my "Final Word" on this movie/DVD is that it's definitely worth the buy, and definitely an awesome movie. The feature/movie of the DVD is definitely worth the watch. The directing, writing, visuals, storyline, and acting is all done superbly and really a great one, and one that is pretty much the seller of this version of "You Only Live Twice." This version also has outstanding Special Features from what I could tell, and would most definitely be fun watching the Special Features for an hour or two, and getting to know the movie better, if that's the kind of thing you're looking for. Also, the picture on this version of "You Only Live Twice" is near perfection. The color is not too dark, nor is it too light. It's just right, allowing for optimal viewing pleasure while you watch the movie, and that's most DEFINITELY a good thing when watching movies like the James Bond ones, which can be so digressive and hard to follow sometimes (not for me, really, but I can see parts where others might get loost.), and you need to be on your feet. The sound is also near perfect, remastered wonderfully, so that you never have to turn the volume all the way up to hear all the speaking and other things that are too quiet, and then have to turn it all down before the remote gets blasted out of your hands from the sound waves when the action scenes with all the fighting, gunshots, and explosions start to happen. It makes for excellent hearing pleasure, and that's another wonderful part about this version of "You Only Live Twice." Lastly, the packaging for this movie is absolutely awesome. It's brilliantly put together, so that you can see what the movies about, get a good picture, and also have something that'll look nice on the shelf with all of the others in the series, as well as with all of your other movies. So packaging in this version of "You Only Live Twice," is definitely done wonderfully, and makes for a handsome DVD. So pretty much, if you want a good version of "You Only Live Twice," with good picture quality, sound quality, and handsome packaging, then THIS is definitely the version of "You Only Live Twice" for you to get. I know that this is the version I plan to buy when I go and start buying all of the movies. Thanks again to Crypt for letting me borrow this series, and letting me watch them, I really appreciate it a lot!!!!! LOLZ!!!!!

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    Great review - agree with Crypt. It was a bit different from the other Bond films, but no less entertaining. Still like Thunderball better, tho. lol

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    It was different, that's true, but it was good. Thanks, lolz.

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    Awesome review. I thought that this was a bit different for a Bond movie, but still awesome anyway.

    again great review. & youre welcome. lol

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    Thank you very much!!!!!

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    another great review.

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