Spider-Man 2 DVD: Review By slysnide

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Tons of extras that reach just over three hours which'll be enough to satisfy any fan. And it's the best installment in the trilogy.
Not much data on Doc Ock, who gets a mere 22 minute featurette, as opposed to the feature length one about the making of the film which excludes him. And there's only around 200 minutes worth of extras, not the 600 which is boasted on a sticker on the cardboard slipcover. The two commentaries still leave it 264 minutes shy of the 600 boasted.
While Peter (Tobey Maguire) has to balance school, work, social life, Aunt May's (Rosemary Harris) financial problems, and his heroic deeds to get by, Raimi chose to focus on the most lackluster storyline, being that of Peter's love for MJ (Kirsten Dunst). Harry Osborn (James Franco) on the other hand just bitched about wanting Spidey dead the whole way through, and thus was greatly uninteresting. And Otto Octavius: AKA: Doctor Octopus: AKA: Doc Ock (Alfred Molina) isn't much of a central character, just a subplot like element until roughly 2/3 through the film. However, he's visually the greatest villain with the coolest fight scenes and best performance. {See my 232nd Review for the rest}
On Disc 1 there's two audio commentaries, one being technical, and another by Director Sam Raimi, Producer Avi Arad, Co-Producer Grant Curtis, and Actor Tobey Maguire. Also, there's four webisodes, nine previews (including S-M2, a music video by Train (Ordinary), a blooper reel, and a pop-up facts & trivia track.

On Disc 2, the main highlight is "Making the Amazing," a twelve part 126 minute doc*mentary covering the conception of the film to the release which can be watched all together, or individually. They are:

"Greater Power, Greater Responsibility"

"Story & Character"

"Visual Design"

"Costume Design"


"The Spydercam"


"Practical Effects"


"Visual Effects"

"Sound & Music"

"Lessons Learned.

Featurettes include "Hero In Crisis" {15 Minutes} which digs deeper into Peter Parker's personal troubles featured in the film, and where it may lead.

Also, a real treat is "Ock-Umentary-Eight Arms to Hold You," {22 Minutes} which doc*ments the creation of Doc Ock from conception to final composite. Though this really should've been featured in the primary 'making of' doc*mentary.

The last featurette is "Interwoven: The Women of Spider-Man" {15.5 Minutes} which reveals more about MJ, Aunt May, and the other women from Spidey's world.

"Enter the Web" is a unique feature which allows you to view the filming of the climax from any one of three separate cameras, or a fourth which is the composite.

There's also an Art Gallery of Alex Ross' paintings featured in the opening credits of the film. And a "Spinning the Game" extra about the making of the wildly popular game by Activision.

Lastly, there are weblinks.
Picture perfect quality in widescreen format that doesn't require any Blu-Ray enhancements, or a big screen television. Though the latter is recommended.
Excellent sound by Dolby Digital that could be enhanced with a state-of-the-art surround sound system.
A traditional plastic case with Spidey clutching MJ with Doc Ock in his sights. An unnecessary cardboard slipcase, and a cool paper ad for other dvds with the cool Doc Ock poster on the back.
Given that we've reached the end of Special Feature packed DVD releases, then revisiting old dvds makes for a great sigh of relief that the goods are still around in special editions like this. A better buy than the "2.1 Extended Version" which won't disappoint.

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