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I'm an Elvis man. I dig the King's music. It's amazing stuff, and his influence is everywhere. Everywhere, that is, except in acting. Sure, the King made some decent flicks, but acting just wasn't his bag. He was a showman. He worked best feeding off a live audience. The camera was artificial, and it made him seem artificial in the process. The striking good looks were there, the movement was there, and the voice was there. But that something extra. That intangible THING that made women faint during his performances just didn't translate to the screen.

Change of Habit isn't a BAD movie, but it's not a good movie, either. Nor is it your typical "Elvis" movie. Here he plays a doctor working in the ghetto (yes, the song comes into play) who becomes smitten with Mary Tyler Moore, playing, of all things, a nun (who's working "undercover" in plan clothes with 2 other nuns at the hospital). The film plays out their involvement, and Elvis' attempt to get her to turn from a life for a the Church, to a life with him. (hence the catchy title of the film...)

The problem isn't with the movie, or the impromptu singing that is expected with an Elvis movie. It's the fact that we see glimpses of the actor Elvis would have liked to become. SOme of his moments are genuinely touching. And every so often, we're given a peek at some bottled up intensity, but Elvis was never given the chance to really explore these areas.

Mary Tyler Moore does what she can with the role, and she is, as always, solid. Although she's a bit miscast here, she does a fine job, and I have no complaints.

Oh yeah, and this film tries DESPERATELY to be socially conscious. They throw around more issues than a Teen Summit meeting. And for how hard they try, I give them credit. But for how impactful they were, well, they fell way short.
Hehe - that's funny.

Don't expect much, folks.
It's hard to criticize this film. I mean, seriously, it's Elvis. If you go into this expecting a lot, you've got problems much larger than my little DVD review can solve.

If you go into this expecting Blue Hawaii, then you haven't read my review at all, so why are you reading "The Final Word". This IS NOT the typical Elvis movie. It's not structured around the songs. The songs fall into place more natually. It's not a big party, where it's all singing, and dancing, and production value. This time out, they tried to be serious, and socially aware, and to make a statment or twelve. The bottom line is that it just didn't work. And that's too bad.

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