Finding Nemo DVD: Review By stevegibbs

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The premise of Finding Nemo is, like many good stories, quite simple: an over-protective, worrying father searching for his prodigal son. In this case, the father happens to be a fish, a clown fish to be precise. As voiced by Albert Brooks, Marlin the clown fish, is both a sad and sympathetic figure.

When his son, Nemo, is snatched by a scuba diver, Marlin ventures off into the great unknown to rescue him. Along the way he is joined by a blue tang named Dory. While trying to be helpful, Dory is seriously impeded by her lack of short term memory (we're talking Memento for the under 10s here).

Together, this unlikely duo brave the perils of the open sea, including sharks, whales and jellyfish. On the verge of despair, Marlin and Dory are picked up by some sea turtles led by Crush, the quintessential surf dude, who points them in the right direction. Through these adventures, Marlin learns a parent's hardest lesson: how to let go of your kids and let them grow up.

Finding Nemo has a great deal of heart and is told with much humor. Thankfully, the filmmakers show some respect for their audience, both kids and adults, treating us with a measure of intelligence rarely found in Hollywood

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