Hustle: The Complete Season 2 DVD: Review By Adam Frazier

The performances keep this show moving. Robert Vaughn leads a likable cast from episode to episode
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The performances keep this show moving. Robert Vaughn leads a likable cast from episode to episode
There's absolutely nothing memorable about this DVD - no real special features and less than stellar packaging
How would you execute a con?

Cover all the angles and leave nothign to chance or rely on charm alone? Let the experts show you how it's done. The con is back opn with the complete second season of Hustle.

The group is facing some trying times. Trevor, a short con artist brought into the fold at Danny's insistence, proves to be more trouble than he's worth. Albert thinks he's found a ripe mark in a mercenary poker player but he turns out to be Stacie's ex-husband Jake. Could the gang end up losing much more than money as they watch Stacie fall for him all over again? And when Mickey's most audacious plan yet - to steal the crown jewels - ends in capture, handcuffs and tears. Could the family be broken up for good?

BBC's Hustle is a simple, lightweight treat. The show succeeds by having a talented and appealing cast. Not only do you like everyone, you root for them. Robert Vaughn is the show's biggest star, and here he plays the mastermind who often lures the victims to their eventual undoing. The show is extremely simple and if you're looking for in-depth plots then try elsewhere - Hustle's simplicity is its brilliance.

Overall if you're into light, comedic capers then you should definitely give Hustle a look.

Starring: Adrian Lester, Marc Warren, Robert Glenister, Jaime Murray and Robert Vaughn.
The bonus materials are pretty slim. All this 2-disc set has to offer is one special feature:

- The Big Finish: An in-depth doc*mentary on the making of the final episode
The complete second season of Hustle is presented in a 16:9 enhanced aspect ratio.
The sound quality is pretty standard for a DVD release: Dolby Digital stereo.
The complete second season of Hustle comes in a standard keepcase. There's noting extravagant about this set's packaging.
Hustle is worth your time if you enjoy comedic romps in the shady society of con artists. Rent season one and if you like what you see, give season two a chance.

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