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Many complaints from people I here about Matrix Reloaded are the bullsh*t philosophical speeches, which are also done in the first Matrix. However, after the philosophical speeches in the first Matrix, there are no really cool, eye popping action sequences; also, there was no real plot in the first Matrix at all. Matrix Reloaded, on the other hand, has even more ridiculous speeches, but it balances the movie with it's great action and a real plot.

People have also said that a sequel to the Matrix wasn't needed because the movie had already ended, when Neo flies off into the sunset, like f*cking Superman. First of all, if you throw that point onto the Matrix, then you would have to do that with every other movie that's had a sequel. Now, I know some movies end with cliffhangers to where you could add another movie to it but still and could have just not have had a sequel and just remained one movie, for example, The Godfather didn't need a sequel to it, now look, Godfather II is much better than it's predecessor.

Unlike the dialogue in the first Matrix, I could really understand and enjoy the dialogue in Matrix Reloaded, although it was a lot; the speech from the Merovingian in the restaurant scene is one of my favorite speeches in movies of all time. I also thought the scene where Morpheus is talking about being soldiers, in his recliner chair, is another great moment.

So really what is the deal with people saying that the first Matrix is better than Matrix Reloaded. Did you really think the rescue of Morpheus scene was better than the Neo vs. hundreds of Smith scene? When comparing Matrix Reloaded to the first one, the only good thing that I found from the first Matrix was that it had a great chase scene and nothing else.

I feel that Matrix Reloaded will go down in history as just one of those sequels that's great and better than it's previous one but no one appreciates it. Yes, Matrix Reloaded will join the likes of great, under appreciated sequels, such as Army of Darkness, Predator 2, and Mission Impossible 2. Final say, The first Matrix is dull. Matrix Reloaded a triumphant sequel. Too bad I can't say the same for Matrix Revolutions. Excuse while I go puke some green Matrix vomit.

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