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The Matrix Revolutions comes at you this week in the form of either the full screen or widescreen versions of the film. Summing the end of the massive concocted trilogy, Revolutions bars no holds and comes through screaming as a great sci-fi eye candy-fest to indulge any fan of the genre.

While the film had it's finer and not so finer points, overall the story was summed up quite nicely. In pure Return of the Jedi form, we are treated to multiple storylines that weave in and out of each other until the finale, which leads to the ultimate goal of all protagonists involved.

To tell the truth, I wasn't very excited for the 3rd Matrix film to take it's toll. I found that the films took a downward turn with The Matrix Reloaded with a story that not only didn't live up to the shear coolness of the first film, but rather confused things a bit too much with techno babble that was too easily discarded because of it's irrelevance.

Nonetheless, Revolutions came upon us in November of last year and resolved the turmoil between the machines and man in Zion, reinforced the fact that the third film in a trilogy can always top that hard to deal with openly ended second act, and entertain us through to the end of a saga.

Yes, there are tons of problems with this film. Plot holes, illogical attempts at covering them, and unanswered questions, but in all honesty, I'd rather have a film that ends with you scratching your head than have a piece of cinema that packages and sells nicely so that EVERYONE can understand.

As time passes and people look back, these films will be hailed as one of the greatest sci-fi achievements of all time. Amazing effects, dazzling fight scenes, the overwhelming presence of an invader, and one of the coolest concepts in sci-fiction today.
If you're interested in the process of "how to make a Matrix movie" then you're in luck. This 2 disc set, just like the Reloaded DVD is packed full of movie making magic. The only real disappointment here, and the one thing that hints at another release of this title "coming soon" from Warner Bros. is the absence of any deleted scenes or a directors' commentary. Don't say we didn't warn you!

Revolutions Recalibrated

A 27 minute doc*mentary where producer Joel Silver, special effects wiz John Gaeta, actors Keanu Reeves, Lawrence Fishburne, Carrie Ann Moss, Hugo Weaving, and a ton of other film makers talk about the going-ons in making this film during the 271 shoot. Still, no word from the Wachowski brothers which would have been nice seeing how this is the last Matrix film.

CG Revolution

A 15 minute on the special effects work done in Sydney with CG and live action elements. Very interesting stuff here.

Super Burly Brawl

A multi-angle (3) view of the final battle between Neo and Agent Smith. No commentary, but well worth tinkering around with.

Future Gamer: The Matrix Online

An 11 minute look at the MMORPG game coming later this year. Supposidly the game will pick up where the film leaves off answering even more of those unanswered question. Looks to be aimed at the Matrix die hards out there.

Before The Revolution

A still gallery which takes you deeper into the story of The Matrix and the origins of the film. A bit time consuming if you were to scan all of this material, but good to have for the die-hard I guess.

3-D Evolution

Tons of concept and final artwork from the film. Some great talent in there.


4 clips which run about 35 minutes. Talks about bringing in elements from the other films, model work on Revolutions, and a ton more.

Double Agent Smith

Hugo Weaving gets deep about his role and the trials of actually bringing this character to life. It's WAY more the you'd ever think he'd have to go through to make this film, which makes this particular clip very intriguing.

Mind Over Matter

The stunts and martial arts of the film are covered in this sequence. Very interesting stuff covering the action that takes place in this fast quickness of the film.


Trailers for all 3 Matrix films included here.


Preview the official site, the comic, and a flash based game. Nothing too outstanding here.
Presented in 2.35:1 anamorphic widescreen video, Warner Bros. holds nothing back. The film looks superb and the green tint which the Wachowskis have laid all over 'The Matrix' can be experienced to it's fullest in this transfer.
Presented in Dolby Digital 5.1, with English, French and Spanish subtitles, the soundtrack is very impressive. Mixed for ultimate impact, the audio is perfect in it's 5.1 state Although mastered low onto the disc, you'll have no problem if you wanted to crank the movie for thundering lows and screeching highs. You will feel everything your heart desires with this mix.

If you own any of The Matrix films on DVD, you'll need Revolutions in your collection. The film sums up the trilogy's massive storyline and leaves you wanting more. Not to mention the fact that the extras alone in this set are worth the price of admission.

Your curiosity has been sparked. Get yourself plugged into The Matrix Revolutions.

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