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To quote Austin Powers (which I can't believe I'm going to do), "I didn't see that one coming, baby!" This is one of those films that flew pretty much below the radar. It's a Nickelodeon flick, so it didn't have the juice to really hit with the full media bombardment that we're use to, especially for a film aimed at kids. For those who don't know, here's what Jimmy is all about: Jimmy Neutron is a genius. He's like a less nerdy Dexter with an out of control Elvis hairdo. He's constantly inventing things that work great, until he brings them to show and tell. Then they go haywire, and he must endure the tauntings of his classmates. But Jimmy's not fazed. He knows he's a genius.

One day, a communication device he sends into space in an attempt to contact alien life, leads a civilization of aliens, called Yokians, (who look like slimy piles of phlegm in clear eggs) directly to Earth. The aliens, thinking the human parents would make a lovely sacrifice to their gigantic chicken-lizard god, abduct all of the parents from Jimmy's town. Now, Jimmy and the rest of the kids from his school must travel to space, find their parents, and get them home safely.

Ok, that's the story in an egg-shell (sorry, couldn't resist). This is a CGI Animation film, much like Shrek, Toy Story 1 & 2, and Monster's Inc. Where the CGI was top notch in those films, Jimmy Neutron falls a bit short. It's not the smooth, visually stunning work we've come to expect from CGI, but don't let that deter you. The character designs are simple, yet appealing. Each character is packed with enough personality to make up for what they lack visually.

Make no mistake, this is a kid's movie. While I actually laughed out loud several times, my 3 year old daughter laughed NON-STOP. She enjoyed this movie more than Monster's Inc. (which was overrated anyway), and both Toy Stories. There's a reason this film was nominated for the Best Animated Feature at the Academy Awards: it's genuinely funny and touching.

One of Jimmy Neutron's most outstanding aspects is the strength of its supporting cast. Jimmy's two best friends, Sheen and Carl, are both great. Sheen (voiced in genius fashion by Jeffrey Garcia) just steals every scene he's in. (for an animation, that's pretty darn good)

Just to prepare you, though, the movie is littered with sugar-candy sweet pop music. That's not a bad thing, since this is what the movie's target audience it listening to, but it's enough to make us parents cringe.

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