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At at 118 minutes this disc really takes your player and your eyes for a ride.
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A stunning look at the planet we live on.
No extra features.
Home is a captivating look at this place we call our home. Narrated by Glenn Close this Blu-ray disc is an elegant look at mother earth. The filmmakers travelled to 54 countries and 120 locations to show viewers as many amazing landscapes as their cameras could capture. Over the course of this film we see how earth is also prone to change. It is truly incredible to see how man and nature can effect this planet, yet at the same time it seems to renew and enrich itself all the while.

While we do have Google Earth to take us anywhere we want to go, Home seems to accomplish this same task while making the experience that much more intimate.
No extras came on this Blu-ray disc.
Widescreen - 1.78:1. AVC @ 21 MBPS. This film looked incredible on Blu-ray disc. Cineflex Camera Operator Tanguy Thuaud has done a really awesome job of lensing this doc*mentary. The shots are always filled with such depth, so much is happening on the screen, and what makes all of this even more amazing is that it's mostly static images that we're seeing. The fact that a camera can be set down and simply take in the images around it, and still make this a film that one cannot take their eyes off of, really says something about the power of the images on screen and the power of Blu-ray to transcend the home viewing experience. At at 118 minutes this disc really takes your player and your eyes for a ride.
Dolby Digital - English - 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio. English SDH. French 5.1 Dolby Digital. This movie sounded pretty darn amazing. Again, I am kicking myself for not setting up surround sound speakers because a movie like Home is made for this sort of experience. At the same time my set up was able to give me a lot of the richness that a show like this puts out. From majestic shots of the ocean, to sweeping landscapes of areas that I never knew existed, I always felt that the audio was tonally in tune with everything that I was seeing on screen. Great work, Fox!
The cover of this Blu-ray disc gives us a shot from space of the earth's surface. The back cover gives us 4 shots from this movie, a description of what Home is about, technical specs and a cast list. There really isn't too much to this environmentally friendly packaging but I don't think it needs to be overly complicated.
I wasn't too sure what to expect from this Blu-ray release but I am glad that the powers that be at MovieWeb gave it to me to review. This movie is made for this format as it was truly beautiful on my HD screen. While I am sure that things looked good in the standard DVD format, there was an amazingly rich quality to every aspect of this Blu-ray title. From the crisp, richly composed images and the audio that is provided to us by Glenn Close, there was no point in my viewing of this movie that I felt like I was seeing anything less than perfect.

Home is the kind of film that one could certainly use to show off the merits of their Blu-ray player. While I am still one of those people that doesn't see too much of a difference between standard and Blu-ray images, Home isn't really meant to be viewed in any way that isn't going to give all the images both room to breath and room to expand your viewing experience.

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  1. 313td

    Your review makes it sound good,but I just don't rent thes kind of movies.

    6 years agoby @313tdFlag