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New Zealand filmmaker Lee Tamahori, takes us into the world of a young couple dealing with life, love, and happiness, but cannot seem to find peace within any of them. With no clear good guy, bady guy, or right path laid out in front of them, our characters start to possess the inability to adjust to their new surroundings in a lower middle class status and find themselves struggling to survive themselves and the pride they hold within.

Depicting some of the harshest domestic violence ever shown on film, there is some caution to be held when viewing Once Were Warriors.
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A nice little featurette taking you behind the scenes of the production. Insightful, yet still unimpressive by today's DVD special feature standards.
Presented in a 1.66:1 widescreen aspect ratio, the transfer wasn't completed very well on this disc. You'll find that in many sequences, especially the night sequences, a heavy amount of grain will be present. Just as well, the disc does not hold up to the clarity standards other DVDs are being produced at today. Though, this is much better then watching the film on VHS.
On par with a lackluster video transfer the same holds true for the audio. Presented in a 2.0 Dolby Surround Sound track the film's soundtrack is presented, but that is about it. I think most will find the soundtrack to be as mediocre as I did.
Although this film had very little play here in the Unitred States, I feel it will find it's audience through the rental game. Once Were Warriors is very powerful and truthful film that is sure to please any realist out there.

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