If you love Steve Martin than you are going to love this DVD.
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If you love Steve Martin than you are going to love this DVD.
Sadly, I didn't find this DVD as funny as I hoped I would.
Imagine not being a cast member of a popular TV show but appearing so many times on it that it almost seems like you are?

That is precisely the case with Saturday Night Live: The Best of Steve Martin, Vol. 2. On this disc he runs the gamut with old and new bits featuring the Wild and Crazy Festrunk Brothers, the gentlemen with the arrow through his head, telling women what he needs in a relationship, the King Tut bit and even doing digital shorts with the likes of Will Forte where they talk way too close for comfort. This DVD is jam-packed with classic and current footage from one of America's premiere funnymen.

Currently holding the record for having hosted this show the most times out of any other performer (there is even a very up to date sketch here with Alec Baldwin), Steve Martin shows the zany comic, yet restrained side that we love him for. All of these bits were edited together in really tight manner, and for the most part Saturday Night Live: The Best of Steve Martin, Vol. 2 moves quite nicely.
Additional Sketches

There are two of these on here. One is set an art show where the Festrunk Brothers show up and the other is a fairly recent skit of Alec and Steve Backstage. These were funny but I can see why they weren't on the DVD itself. They play a little long and at times, I thought the art show skit felt a little flat. The skit between Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin was really well done and one can only wonder if there just might be a real life, "friendly" rivalry about appearing on this show numerous times?

Photo Gallery

Dress Rehearsal

Featuring the sketch Mystery Dinner Theater we are treated to recognizable names and faces killing each other in interesting ways. This was funny but again I can see why it played as a supplemental piece. It is a tad long and it wasn't fall down on the floor funny. It got it's point across but at times I thought it did it a little to overtly. Certainly check this out but, unless you are a diehard Steve Martin fan, I don't think it's mandatory viewing.
Full Screen. What I love about DVDs of this nature is that they pit really old television shows against newer ones. In this way we get to see the actors age and we also get to witness how the medium has changed. As expected, the older sketches didn't look as good as the newer ones, but I was more interested in seeing how the actor's looks have changed over time. You really can tell a lot about society by the clothes we wear.
Digitally Mastered. Close Captioned. The audio on this disc was good but it didn't really stand out too much. Again, I was more impressed with seeing the old and new TV formats placed against one another. In addition to that when you realize how old some of this footage is, the fact that it plays so well against the newer footage (and audio levels don't have to be adjusted) is really a feather in this releases cap.
A large shot of a rather serious looking Steve Martin takes up the majority of this cover with the usual Saturday Night Live graphics behind it. The back features four of Martin's characters from the show, a description of what this disc contains, an Extra Features listing, and technical specs. This release is simple, easy to navigate, and the kind of release that gets you excited about what other "Best Of" discs could be coming in the future.
There's something about watching Saturday Night Live on DVD that I think might lose a little something in the translation. Make no mistake, this DVD works and the sections they have cut together for this release are quite funny. That said I didn't find myself laughing as uproariously as I imagined I would. I also thought that some of the skits could have been better edited. Not even so much for this release but when they played on regular TV.

Steve Martin really does have two sides to his personality. There is the artfully styled man who does movies like The Spanish Prisoner, writes books and for magazines and even paints. Then their is the person that he shows us on this DVD. He is brimming with life and comedy and he doesn't seem like he is acting at all.

Saturday Night Live: The Best of Steve Martin, Vol. 2 is an interesting (albeit one sided) look at the dual nature of this performer.

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