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I've never really been a big fan of Jason Vorhees or his movies...I'm more of a Freddy Krueger fan, but I can say that I've seen EVERY single Friday The 13th incarnation the filmmakers have mustered.

Jason Goes To Hell marks the end of one era, and the beginning of another as the series makes it's move from Warner Bros. to Newline Cinema. In this installment of the series, Jason Vorhees finally dies and goes to Hell where he belongs...or does he?

Newline put a fresh take on the slasher story that is Friday The 13th in Jason Goes To Hell, which for fans of the series was a breath of fresh air. Instead of jason going through and doing his bidding, stalking unmoral teens, jason is actually destroyed at the begging of the film, and his body disassembled. But this doesn't stop our ruthless killer as Jason's soul in then transferred through a cast of characters throughout the film who end up doing the killing.

Now, with Jason Goes To Hell hitting theaters almost 10 years ago, I suspect that this next part of my review will not contain any spoilers, but just case, you have been warned.

The end of Jason Goes To Hell has to be one of the most stylish ways to end a series that began it's career a decade before. Newline wanted to come up with a clever way to end the era of 80's slasher flicks that Friday The 13th helped start, and with "Freddy Dead" and gone 2 years before, who better to welcome Jason into Hell then Mr. Krueger himself. Sheer genius on Newline's part.
After reviewing Jason X earlier this week, in which the special features were outstanding, the special features on the Jason Goes To Hell DVD were a disappointing.

Although the special features are a little lacking, one thing that redeems itself on this DVD is that you can experience both the theatrical R-Rated release of movie, as well as an Unrated version!

Director Commentary:

A very well done commentary by director Adam Marcus and screenwriter Dean Lorey...if you care enough about Jason little trip to hell!

Jump To A Death:

Once again, Newline borrows from it's predicessing DVDs in, A Nightmare On Elm Street, and give you the direct access to each kill in the film. Very handy for Halloween parties.

TV Version: Alternate Scenes

In addition to the 2 versions of the film, you can also watch the alternate scenes that were edited into the TV version. Nothing too special here except a few scenes which cut out a lot of gore in the plotline, resulting in some shots that were never seen in the original.

Original Theatrical Trailer:

Your typical theatrical trailer for the film when it was originally released.
Jason Goes To Hell is presented in 1.85:1 anamorphic widescreen. The film has been telecined very nicely to achieve very high quality contrasts in light and dark colors of the film. Although the film is a bit dark to begin with, and some scenes in the movie do suffer a bit from the telecining process, but personally I rather watch it this way. It gives the film an overall darker tone in general.
Jason Goes To Hell is presented in Dolby Digital 5.1, DTS Surround, and Stereo Surround. All tracks are rather nice, but I do have to say that with the DTS mix being pumped through my system at a high volume the soundtrack did not falter once. It comes across in very high definition and the mix was surprising given the fact the film was released in 1993.
If you're a fan of the Friday The 13th series you'll be overjoyed at this addition to your collection. The movie might be a tad subpar for horror standards in the 80's and early 90's, but to me the Friday The 13th series was always subpar.

All in all, Jason Goes To Hell, the 9th movie in the Friday The 13th series is a fun little scrape on the knee that any horror fan would enjoy...at least to laugh at! And this DVD arrives just in time for Halloween!

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