Transporter 2 Blu-ray: Review By Evan "Mushy" Jacobs

The quality of this film on Blu-ray Disc.
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The quality of this film on Blu-ray Disc.
No Special Features explaining why this movie is the way it is.
**The number scale above might not make any sense but if you read this review, it will. Which is actually more than I can say for this movie...

Frank Martin (Jason Statham) has the job of driving young Jack Billings anywhere he needs to go. Jefferson Billings (Matthew Modine), Jack's Father, is the National Drug Czar and as you can guess he's made his fair share of enemies in the Drug Lords. On a routine doctor's visit, Frank finds himself ambushed by some people who succeed in abducting Jefferson's son. While captured, these terrorists inject Jack with a deadly virus hoping that he will pass it on to his father and a bunch of other politicians. How that would make things any easier for the drug runners is anyone's guess, but Frank now has the job of finding an antidote to help Jack and anyone else who might have been exposed to the virus. Also add to this that the bad guys have made it look like this is all Frank's fault, and he's also got to fight some crazy woman (Kate Nauta) who walks around in lingerie shooting off assault weapons.

Transporter 2 is one of those movie that makes your jaw drop about every 5 minutes. I say that because there is either an action scene that defies all the laws of physics, a character does something that makes no sense, or this movie just moves at a pace that doesn't seem like it wants to or that it's even capable of explaining.

So basically what you are getting with Transporter 2 is a cinematic joyride that goes for style 100% over substance.
No Extras came with this DVD.
Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1- Film in 1080p HD resolution. You shouldn't own Transporter 2 because it is a good movie. You shouldn't even own it because it is filled with action. You should own it on Blu-ray disc because it looks awesome. The stunts, while still impossible, are awesome to look at. The images are so colorful and filled with texture, I found myself rewinding parts of the movie just so I could appreciate the investment that was made in this next generation technology. It is rare that the look of a movie could be all that's required for me to say to buy it, but this disc looks that good.
English: DTS HD 5.1. Spanish: Dolby Digital 5.1. French: Dolby Digital 5.1. The audio on this movie clearly complimented the sound. At times I thought that the music itself could have used a little more than the garden variety techno sounds that were employed. What was the most impressive where the sounds of the bullets, the explosions, the car crashes, etc. This movie effortlessly pulls you in and then beats you over the head with a well layered audio design.
Jason Statham, holding two guns, flies across the air as an explosion blazes across his body. The crazy woman, holding two guns, moves in the opposite direction giving off the impression that she is shooting at Statham. The back cover gives us a very succinct description of what this movie is about, it offers up some well rendered pictures, a cast list and technical specs. There isn't too much to say about this Blu-ray cover other than that its size and color make it seem important.
I was really excited to see this movie and as something to show off your Blu-ray player it really is a site to behold. I remember when I first saw this movie on a burned DVD that Fox sent over, I was pretty impressed with how it looked then. On Blu-ray disc Transporter 2 plays like it was always meant to go in this format. So what if if the things Jason Statham is able to do are laughable? Who cares if very little about this movie makes any pretense to existing in reality? Isn't this what certain members of the filmgoing public want? Transporter 2 is a popcorn film of the highest order, and it shouldn't be penalized for not being any more than that.

The fact that such a solid actor like Jason Statham is in this film only seems to enhance, confuse and complicate matters. This guy isn't dumb. He isn't doing action movies like this because he thinks they are great cinema. He has shown acting chops in the myriad of other films that he's done. Yet, he's not simply going through the motions here. In the Transporter 2 Statham is always present and along for the ride, and he seems to be expect the same thing from the viewers.

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