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Look, ma, no speed limit! It's not just how fast you go, but how funny, in two revved-up comedies about cross-country road races. Michael Sarrazin, Gary Busey and Raul Julia are rival drivers in The Gumball Rally (Side A), the trend-setting coast-to-coast spectacle with genuinely funny characters, great cars, and loads of cartoon-like action (Leonard Maltin's Movie Guide). The cars zip along at top speed and the stars quip along in top form in Cannonball Run II (Side B). Burt Reynolds leads the horse-powered horseplay of a race spanning some 3,000 breakneck miles. Among the players in this joyride: Jackie Chan, Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., Catherine Bach, Dom De Luise, Dean Martin, Marilu Henner, ShirleyMacLaine...the list goes on. Ladies and gentlemen: start your DVD players!

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