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I didn't get to see this one in theaters, but I will say I'm glad I didn't. I think this movie does much better as a rental or a DVD purchase then it would as a summer blockbuster.

Let's get down to the nitty gritty.

Jason is chriogenically frozen in the year 2025 A.D. at the "Crystal Lake Research Facility" where the powers that be decided "since we can't kill him, we'll freeze...then we'll figure out what to do". Of course the plan goes terribly wrong as "the military" decides Jason is far too valuable to just file away. So, in an effort to movie Jason to a military based operation, Jason, of course, escapes.

He's trapped inside of a chamber by the original doctor who was trying to freeze him. She is stabbed through a wall and the whole room goes into an emergency mode freezing everything inside, including Jason and the good doctor.

Fast Forward 440 years where a team of student scientists and their professor re-animate the happy popsicle couple. Of course all hell breaks loose and Jason continues on his, what has now been a 500 year killing spree, killing more than 28 people in the flick.

Oh yeah, Jason gets an upgrade. Gigatech Jason. He's bullet-proof, he's badass, and NO, he doesn't relate to "The Matrix Generation" as the studio pre-conceived.

There is one ingenious idea that Jason X did play off. The fact that as soon as the first couple starts to have sex, Jason awakens to do his bidding.

This is one clich

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