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The year is 2455 and Jason Voorhees is still alive.Back in the early twenty-first century Jason gets frozen along with a young and pretty scientist, Rowan, who tried to thwart the military's desire to continue studying a living organism that has "remarkable regenerative capabilities" (Mr. Voorhees).They get picked up by a group of high school kids on a field trip, and against the advice of the 400 year old Rowan, Jason is allowed to soften; allowing for an hour and a half full of imaginative, to quite boring kill scenes.The film runs the gamut at 28 kills; the highest a Jason film has ever had.
What is great about this DVD are the supplements.Most other Friday the 13th films on DVD have gotten the shaft, thanks to Paramount's lack of interest in them.However, in the hands of New Line, the two Jason films they have released on DVD have had plenty of supplemental material to go along with them.

Filmmaker Commentary

Even funnier than the movie.When listening to the three, director, screenwriter and producer, discuss the film, it becomes apparent how incredible it is that this film ever got made.At least they're good humored throughout the commentary, and they do provide some interesting side notes on what went on during the shoot.

Original Doc*mentary: The Many Lives of Jason Voorhees

Being a fan of the series, this was the most intriguing feature of the DVD.The doc*mentary runs about thirty minutes, and discusses the Friday the 13th series within the context of the impact it had on, not only the horror genre, but the entire filmmaking industry.This alone makes it a worthwhile purchase for any Jason fan.

Original Doc*mentary: By Any Means Necessary: The Making of Jason X

When I first read the title of this doc*mentary on the back of the box, I was hoping to be treated to the reasons for the films two year delay, but instead it's a technical walkthrough of the digitizing process of the film, as well as the special effects and make-up work.While this is interesting, the back-story to this films' eventual release is probably even more interesting than Jason X.

Jump to a Death

Just what it says.Go from death to death without any need of watching the actual movie.This is actually quite fun.

Theatrical Trailer

Here you get a trailer for Jason X, Blade 2, Final Destination and A Nightmare on Elm Street.
The movie looks great.There are a lot of rich colors used in the set pieces, and they are captured beautifully on this disc.
The DVD supports Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound, DTS Surround Sound and Stereo Surround Sound, so whatever your preference, it's covered.The film also includes English Subtitles and Closed Captions.
Jason X is a confused movie.It never knows whether it should be a comedy or a horror film, and the result is a bit of a let down.I still don't understand why Jason was put in space, especially considering the track run of other horror film franchises that place their characters in that same environment.The reasons are always the same, the futuristic setting allows us to do things we would not otherwise be able to do, but the result is always the same: garbage.However, the film does have a few great moments that make you wonder why the rest of the film was not treated with the same tone, in particular the last fifteen minutes.The last segment of the film feels completely different from the previous hour or so.The movie takes on an extremely campy feel, and gives the hardcore fans something to feel nostalgic about with its return to a virtual Camp Crystal Lake.What is really disappointing is the discovery, from viewing all the supplemental material on the DVD, that the filmmakers aren't even Jason fans; Todd Farmer hadn't watched a single one before writing the script.The last element of the film I will criticize are the sets.They remind me of Planet of the Vampires, in that they look like cardboard and remind me of the circus.Bright colors adorn almost every wall and corner, making the movie look more like a Joel Schumacher comic book film, than a horror film, which in case you were wondering, I don't consider to be much of a good thing.The movie looks great on the DVD though, and the special features are enough for any Jason fan to justify a purchase.If you want to laugh at and along with a movie, then this ain't too bad, but if you want a frightful night spent hidden behind the covers watching disturbing images of death and carnage, then you're better off turning on CNN.

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