Man's Best Friend DVD: Review By Brian

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What can you really say about Man's Best Friend? It stars Ally Sheedy and Lance Henriksen and walks it's way through a story about a TV reporter sneaking her way into a research facility and freeing a trapped dog. Little does she know, the dog has been bioconstructed into a cyborg of sorts. Half dog...half machine. But, there comes a price to pay when the dog, who isn't under the medication he needs to keep his violent aggression under control, starts to react.

The film drivels through many types of "what if" scenarios, some which are meant to be comedic, and some which are not, but being so poorly excuted you'll find yourself laughing out loud anyway. But hey...what do you expect from this early 90's gem.

Lance Henriksen plays the part of the black hearted researcher on a mission to bring things back to normal. This is the most redeeming part of the film...watching Henriksen is always a pleasure.
Not much in the way of special features on this DVD which brings the score down a bit for the advid DVD collector.

Inside the disc you'll find the origial theatrical trailer, some DVD-ROM content, and theatrical trailers for upcoming films and previous DVD releases such as Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3, Wes Craven's New Nightmare, Final Destination 2, and Jason X.
As usual, New Line Cinema has completed another seemless transfer. No film damage. High color, and nice amounts of contrast through out the entire film. Although this review is based on a screening of the Widescreen version of the film, the disc also contains a Pan-And-Scan version which cuts off about 25% of the picture. Yuck.
A very nice strong soundtrack is weaved through the disc which in a 5.1 Dolby Digital track which is surprising considering the film came from the early 90's. Kudos to the studio for treating this DVD like they would any other new release.
This movie is sure to please even the hardcore sci-fi fan. All the elements are in place, psychotic dog on a rampage, rogue warrior, annoying female lead! What more could you ask for? A thriller that will be sure to please.

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