Get a Clue DVD: Review By Evan "Mushy" Jacobs

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Lindsay Lohan stars as budding journalist Lexy Gold in this enjoyable, family friendly movie Get A Clue. Always looking for a hot story, Lexy uncovers one when her teacher Mr. Walker disappears and she has to call on her friends to help her find out what happened it to him. What starts off as something simple soon turns into something very big, giving Lexy the hot story and much more then she bargained for.

I found this movie to be pretty standard. I didn't think the performances, the writing or the direction really stood out, but as far as being something that is geared towards kids Get A Clue more then gets the job done.
Never Before Seen Alternate Ending

This alternate ending is pretty extensive and I don't want to give too much away in discussing it, but I will say it's pretty understandable why the movie's creators went another way. Or, maybe they liked the ending and were told to go another way? Whatever the case may be, I think that this ending while clever, ultimately just wasn't up to par with the rest of the film. Perhaps Disney will release an extended cut of this movie including this ending with it? Probably not, but Lohan fanatics can dream, can't they?
Full Screen (1.33:1). This movie is certainly one that would fall into the safe category. It is solidly lit, there aren't any crazy camera angles or anything that really asks the viewer to readjust their thoughts. I am not sure if this movie ever came out in theaters, but for the most part it seems more like a showpiece for Lohan to show she can carry a movie. This would definitely be a "vehicle" for her, and as such it doesn't really deviate from the form of being a children's movie.
Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound. Again, nothing about this movie stands out too much. When it begins you get the "busy body"/pseudo hip music that you would imagine Lohan's character might listen to. As it progresses, and the search for the truth continues, the music takes on a "things" are happening vibe. This continues throughout this film with all the music being exactly where it needs to be. I was able to hear everything the characters said just fine and I found Lohan's narration to be refreshing while not altogether original.
As Lohan is the meal ticket for this movie, her face is the biggest one on the cover. Underneath this is a photo of her and the other peasants... I mean people who are in this movie. The sunglasses Lohan adorns, scream of a character who is well ahead in her years fashion wise. The back features some more pictures from the movie, a brief description of the film and other listings like the bonus features and tech specs. This packaging alone should garner this DVD a healthy amount of sales and rentals.
I like Lindsey Lohan and I it seems like this film is just an attempt to cash in her current success. I look forward to seeing her career progress and seeing what choices she makes as an actress. Will it be all puff pieces and romantic comedies? Will she get down and dirty and do independent roles and then do the big hollywood movies (which it seems like she's already doing) or will she drift between the worlds of all these films, doing different roles to expand herself as an actress.

Truthfully, I think she is going to do a majority of puff and only frequently mix in the tuff.

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