Strictly Sinatra DVD: Review By Evan "Mushy" Jacobs

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Strictly Sinatra, a straight to video and DVD release (I think, I don't remember this film debuting in a theater near me) by Universal is a derivative piece of filmmaking that saves itself with the inspired performances of it's cast.

Simply by it's title one can probably deduce a couple of things...

A) This film deals with a singer.


B) It involves someone being mobbed up.

Okay, now that we got that established, lets just say that the singer is lured into the underworld and as such he finds himself entering a life a crime. Add to this that he's suddenly torn between his new life and the women he loves and you can certainly see that the screenwriters have duly adhered to the 3 ACT STRUCTURE of scriptwriting.

As I stated previously, the performances were quite good especially that of the ubiquitous Brian Cox.
None. Not even a piece of paper telling you what the names of the scene selections are!!! I mean, I know that movies are expected to have a lot more interactiveness these days with DVD being the means to deliver the film, but come on. If you're gonna have scene selections you should at least dictate somewhere within the packaging what the scenes I'm selecting are!
All in all, I am sucker for moves like this. The glitz, the bright lights..., the hipster bravado. I just wish it all didn't feel so familiar. I needed something a little more original.

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