Blade II DVD: Review By Brian

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Blood, guts, and action fans rejoice! Blade II is here and it'll blow you away!

Seeing Blade II over the summer in theaters was a great experience. With only mild enthusiasm for the first film, I did not expect much from the second. But, this is where I fell short.

Blade II exceeded my expectations and then some, making it a very desirable film to own on DVD for me. The action sequences are superb, getting ripped straight out of any highly valued action comic. Although some people residing in the bible belt may not approve, the graphic violence is stunning and very fantastic in it's portrayal of everything you'd ever wanna see from the baddest vampire hunter in existence killing off the coolest monsters to hit the screen in a long time.

Blade II is a very intense experience, jammed packed with action rivaling that of even this summer's REALLY BIG releases like Spider-man and Attack Of The Clones!
New Line Cinema have outdone themselves with the release of Blade II on DVD. The disc comes packaged with some of the most compelling featurettes and behind he scenes swag a fan based movie of this caliber has seen. It even gives such pristine discs as The Matrix a run for it's money!

Disc 1:

Disc 1 includes a very beautiful digital transfer of the film. The colors, and the contrast have been tweaked and fined tuned enough so that the film presents in a "perfect" state in any home theater setup.

The audio has also been matched to the specs of the theater, mixed down into Dolby Digital EX 5.1 Surround Sound, AND DTS ES 6.1 Surround Sound! You don't get more boom for your buck here!

Disc 1 also features separate commentaries by director Guillermo Del Toro and producer Peter Frankfurt, as well as a commentary by writer David Goyer and star, Wesley Snipes! Both "sit downs" give a very in depth look into the creation of the film.

Disc 2:

Disc 2 contains the mother load! Everything you ever wanted to know about Blade II and more...hope you've got some spare time to kill!

Deleted & Alternate Scenes with Director Commentary

A nice look into why certain scenes were cut out of the final release. Most intriguing with Director commentary turned on!

A Pact In Blood

A slew of doc*mentaries on the various stages of production that rivals the in depth "making of docs" featured on the highly acclaimed The Matrix DVD!

Director's Notebook

"An interactive reproduction of Director's notes with an intro by Del Toro." A nice look into a type of journal commenting on the stages of the film's development.

Art Gallery

A nice look into the pre-production phases of the film.

The are other features on disc 2 that plunge you deeper inside the world of Blade II, including Theatrical Trailers, Cypress Hill & Roni Size Music Videos, and a Blade II Video Game Survival Guide! All of them, very worth a look!
A gem in any DVD lover's collection! Trust me, Blade II is for the action lover, the popcorn movie lover, the one liner spewer,and the horror fan! The squeemish beware!

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