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OK so this has always been one of my all time favorite movies and I wanted to review it badly, the trouble was, it wasn't a theatrical movie, so naturally it was never posted into the theatrical reviewing section, but now thanks to the generosity of the MovieWeb staff and their DVD reviewing program, I can review it! So here we go. First of all, KISS is, in my opinion, the best band in the world. I've always liked their music, their make up, their costumes, and I don't mind as much as some do if they're out of costume and makeup, it's just something a little different. I remember when I first saw this when I was maybe five years old, I was obsessed, every time I went over to my Dad's house I always asked to watch this, until finally one day he just gave it to me. Now, it's not your average run of the mill movie, alot of people found it cheesey and lame, and maybe it is, but I always liked this film, it might be the one movie I like even more than Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, and that's DEFINITELY saying something.

Gordon Hessler steps into the directors seat of this movie, and though it may have been a flop to alot of other people, to me it has to be one of his best, even if I've never heard of him, or seen any of his other movies. The story was written by Jan Michael Sherman and Don Buday and these two definitely had an original and interesting idea going here for this story, it's definitely out there, but in my opinion in a good way, and it's cool to see my favorite band have superpowers, as corny as that probably sounded. Together they bring a movie that is overall good, maybe a bit cheesey as I've said, but I really enjoyed it nonetheless. It's definitely one that's new. So naturally I'd have to say that these guys deliver an excellent movie.

Now the visuals, for such an old movie, were actually pretty neat. It all happens at a theme park pretty much, so naturally all the rides used are real, and so that's all good. There's one of my favorite scenes in about the middle of the movie where Cat Man, Space Ace, Starchild, and The Demon are fighting robotic cat creatures and using their super powers, and it's actually pretty cool to see. The different effects used, though pretty old, are for their time pretty neat. Also the final fight sequence is pretty neat as well, the powers used, pretty much the same as in the robotic cat fight. I also liked how the angles made things look. There's also a part of the amusement park that is like a huge robotic place kind of, the laboratory of the bad guy, that's supposed to be like space age, and it actually looks pretty neat as well. Overall the visuals are very satisfying.

The storyline is definitely one that I find to be incredibly original. It's definitely one that writers Jan Michael Sherman and Don Buday did well with, showing extreme imagination, and creativity. It all is relatively fast-paced, a couple parts MIGHT lag, they don't for me, but they might for you. It's definitely one that is abnormal for most movies you are used to. A man who works at a large amusement park is fired because of his robotics failing all the time, and to get back at his employer, the man creates havoc throughout the park, and even aims at the headlining act, whom he finds to have superpowers. Like I said, it's different than any movie you're probably used to, but it's definitely one that is good. I enjoy it because it's a cool way to see my favorite band. You definitely are interested pretty fast as well.

KISS stars in the lead of this movie. That's right! Peter Criss, Paul Stanley, Ace Frehley, and Gene Simmons themselves star in the roles, for who else could master those roles but the actual performers themselves? Who I ask you? The answer is: NO ONE! In this one their names are as follows: Peter Criss: Cat Man, Paul Stanley: Star Child, Ace Frehley: Space Ace, and Gene Simmons: The Demon. See? Their stage personas are also their "superhero name." Well after KISS plays one of their shows they find out the next day that an officer was attacked one night by The Demon, and that's what the officer is sticking to as well, even though the for of them know that it wasn't Gene, not in the slightest. Well naturally they begin to investigate the happenings, and have found out that the old Park technician has created robotic doubles of the four of them, and is trying to ruin their reputation. So naturally they work on stopping them, and that's when the meet a young girl named Melissa, and help her out as well. They all do great in their parts for this movie, each acting as themselves, sort of, as well as acting the part of the superhero, and however corny and cheesey YOU might find it, they make it actually convincing, so that's definitely a great step in helping the movie's believability factor.

Anthony Zerbe, who I've never heard of before this, and even AFTER this, plays Abner Devereaux. Abner is the technician for the theme park that the movie takes place in, and overall he is in charge of everything that happens with the rides and everything. His greatest invention: The androids that run the park basically. All is well for Abner, he has everything mainly working for everything, until ANOTHER thing goes wrong with one of the rides, and he is "let go" and told it's time for retirement any way. Well this doesn't bode well for old Abner, and he pretty much loses it, he takes control of a young man's mind, whose girlfriend ends up being on the look out for him, and then he constructs android exact matches of Cat Man, Starchild, Space Ace, and The Demon, and uses them to wreak havoc upon the park, and naturally frame KISS, who he doesn't approve of. Naturally they catch on, and he must make sure he isn't found. Anthony Zerbe does a very good job at playing a bad guy, and in this one he has more problems than any NORMAL crazy person would have, so he pulls it off very well, making it pretty convincing, which adds to the believability of the movie.

Carmine Caridi, another actor that I hadn't heard of until I'd seen this, and still haven't heard of in anything even AFTER I've seen the movie, stars in this movie as Calvin Richards. Calvin is the owner of the amusement park that this movie takes place in. When he receives another complaint about a ride going wrong, despite his "Better" wishes, he must let Abner Devereaux go, and this was probably the worst idea he's ever made it begins to seem after a while. Soon things go drastically wrong, people disappear, rides begin to go whacko, and it seems that his headlining act, the one that was supposed to bring him SO much money, and the one that he particularly liked is behind this. Well now he has to go around and naturally see what the hell is going on with his park. Carmine Caridi does an excellent job with his role as well, it's a character who is frantic to fix things, so naturally he must be able to portray that in his expressions and such, which he actually pulls off very well, making it another convincing role for the movie, and adding to the believability of the movie.

Deborah Ryan, yet another actor who I'm not familiar with at all, stars in this movie as a young girl named Melissa. Melissa had gone to the amusement park to be with her boyfriend Sam, who works at the park, and they have a ton of fun together and the usual, and then he gets called in by his boss, and he tells her to have fun and he'll catch up later. Well, he doesn't ever return, and she begins to get really worried. When she goes to visit his boss, Abner Devereaux, she finds that he is a strange man, as well as the fact that he doesn't know about him. Naturally the next place she goes is to Cat Man, Starchild, Space Ace and The Demon, whom she believes can help, and whom she knows has powers, and they agree to help her search for her boyfriend, at the same time as trying to clear their name, and she helps them with that as best as she can. Deborah Ryan does an excellent job in this role, and makes her characters franticness very convincing, and that helps the overall believability of the movie of course.

All in all this is definitely a movie worth a good watch, and one that you should PROBABLY rent before you buy it because, like most others, you might find it a good watch, but one that you'd only watch ONCE, unlike me who loves to watch it over and over again. It's definitely a good movie though, and an interesting new twist to superheroes, and it's most definitely one of my favorite movies of all time!!!!!

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  1. Raoul Duke

    I haven't heard a whole lot about his movie, but it sounds like something I'd might enjoy, as long as I don't take it to seriously. KISS is the sh*t though. That's one live show I still have to see. Nice description of what sounds like a very trippy movie.

    7 years agoby @raoulduke33Flag

  2. The CryptKeeper

    well thsi just sounds strange. and sorry, but i don't know if 'd say good to this movie.

    but definatly good review!!!!!

    7 years agoby @catwomanFlag

  3. Vamp

    Wait he was in the other two Matrix movies? I didn't know that, then again I haven't seen those movies in forever.

    7 years agoby @vampire2000Flag

  4. Vamp

    Yea I know all about KISS, I read Gene Simmon's autobiography. This has always been one of my favorites though.

    7 years agoby @vampire2000Flag

  5. slysnide

    It does sound kinda cheezy, but still sounds rather funny if anything. I've never been to into "KISS" to enjoy this, but I find that their strategy to wear make-up so people wouldn't recognize them on the street was pretty cool. And that is why they did it. When Gene Simmons finally revealed himself to be the lead singer in the band (at least I think that was his position) it took some convincing to do...since the voice and look wasn't enough for people! lol!

    But yeah, I can see how you liked this.

    Anthony Zerbe was in "Matrix Reloaded/Revolutions" as the leader of Zion by the way. He was also in "The Omega Man" where he played Mathais, the leader of the zombified nocturnal beings of Earth that survived the worldwide epidemic.

    7 years agoby @slysnideFlag

  6. The Dark Knight

    just trying to get it up there ok no more post

    7 years agoby @thedarkknight23Flag

  7. Vamp

    LMAO, you're all lazy readers! It's good, definitely. That's alright TDK, just don't post it anymore.

    7 years agoby @vampire2000Flag

  8. The Dark Knight

    looks good this Visionary I'm on TDKs page looks cool to long to read though

    7 years agoby @thedarkknight23Flag

  9. The Dark Knight

    Oh thats what that is sorry just letting you guys know

    7 years agoby @thedarkknight23Flag

  10. Vamp

    The Dark Knight, stop SPAMMING MY F*CKING REVIEW

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  11. Vamp

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  12. The Dark Knight

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