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Go! Speed Racer! Go! Ahh, the classic known as Speed Racer. I'm sure you ALL know the basis behind the series but let me re-iterate just in case some don't. Speed Racer is your ordinary teenager, he loves speed! But there is a difference between Speed and your normal everyday teen, Speed can actually drive! Pops hears about Speed wanting to become a racer, needless to say he doesn't really like that idea. But after watching Speed 'prove his worth', pops concedes and allows Speed to drive his coveted Mach 5. This series follows Speed through races and other mayhem which just seem to pop up on his freeway of life.
This isn't called Special Edition for nothing. Let's start shall we...

Info about Tatsunoko Productions

Info about uhh... Tatsunoko Productions. ;)

U.S. translation notes

Explaining with detail on why the Japanese track and the English track are so much different from one another. One major reason is because they are speaking SO quickly the translators were having fun trying to keep up.

Theme song info and lyrics

The lyrics to the American version of the theme song. Which they had to change completely, due to the fact that the Japanese Version didn't have the 'zing' of the American version.

Biographies of U.S. voice cast

Cutesy little Bio's on who did what and where they came from.

Interactive Mach 5

Ever wanted to see what would happen if you pressed one of the buttons on the Mach 5? Well, wonder no more because now you can!

Villains gallery

Who is more dastardly than these folk? Look into this section if you want to see your favorite old time evil-doers.

Clip from The New Adventures of Speed Racer (1993)

Clip from a new series of Speed Racer which I think flopped along the way.

Merchandise gallery

Want a Mach 4 replica? How about your very own Speed Racer Tissue Holder! Here is where you can view some of the rather odd merchandise that was released for Speed Racer.
Well, since this series was made in 1976 I won't bash the ancient looking character models. But, there is an upside. This DVD has been digitally remastered for us collector folk. The car designs used are what makes Speed Racer, well... Speed Racer.
As far as sound is concerned you don't really get a choice. It's either on or off. The lack of choosing Japanese or English, Stereo, Mono, 2.1 or hell even 5.1 is what really hurt this release. The voices on this one seem to be a little too muffled for my tastes, at times it seems like the cast is speaking through a loaf of bread.
Memories... I remember when I first saw Speed Racer. Well, actually, I don't. Anyway, Speed Racer is such a film that people will watch when young and remember it until they are in a retirement home speeding around in their little Mach 5 Wheelchair. Needless to say that Speed Racer was one of the first Japanese animes EVER released in America. It paved the way for the Anime as we know it. Yes there are those out there who do not like Speed Racer but love Anime. Think of it this way you non-believers. If Speed Racer failed to be released in America, there would probably be no animes at all.

Do yourself a favor, you KNOW you love Speed Racer. You KNOW you want Speed Racer, so go and get this Limited Edition before it's gone for good!

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