Killers DVD: Review By B. Alan Orange

A cool breeze of ocean air followed by a cold, hard slap of salt water, Killers is full of neat action scenes, and some great comedic moments. Ashton Kutcher and Katherine Heigl have made a sleeper hit that offers up a lot of unexpected fun.
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Comedian Rob Riggle is surprisingly adept at playing a cold-hearted killer. Heigl and Kutcher offer up some great chemistry, and the chase sequences are some of the best seen this summer.
This is a dumb, colorful spy thriller that doesn't carry much dramatic weight. Its throwaway fun sold at an accelerated rate, so if you've come looking for an intelligent endeavor, you're definitely in the wrong place. It's a rom-com thriller. Either you like that kind of stuff or you don't. If you don't, this might be a miserable experience for you.
Killers was unfairly labeled the generic brand Knight & Day when it hit theaters this summer, released a little too close to that Tom Cruise/Cameron Diaz capper. The surprising thing about Killers is that director Robert Luketic shuffles in a bit more class, making for a slightly more sophisticated outing than that above mentioned movie. The story follows a familiar trope, turning the Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie spy thriller Mr. & Mrs. Smith on its head. Instead of two deadly killers living under one roof with the same secret, we get one operative hiding his true identity from his wife, which also screams black shades of James Cameron's Arnold Schwarzenegger mega-hit True Lies. Writers Bob DeRosa and T.M. Griffin play fast and loose with the set-up, seemingly more concerned about offering us a romantic comedy than a spy thriller. It never really matters what Ashton Kucther's Spencer is up to, as long as he looks sexy doing it. His exploits as an assassin only help in setting up the domestic problems he and Heigl have to confront late on in the film. It certainly helps push the comedy home, because its sometimes hard to take Kutcher, here bringing about as much gravitas to the role as he exhibited on That 70's Show, seriously as a trained killer working for the CIA. Both actors spent a good amount of screen time making faces at each other, and the overall plot does grow quite goofy at times. But its all a lot of fun, and offers a certain antiquated charm not seen since Tracy and Hepburn. You'd be hard pressed to call either Kutcher or Heigl actors. They are personalities, and they are basically playing themselves. Which works for this particular type of soft candy. If they were to take themselves seriously, we'd want to turn of this adventure right away. Instead, the two leads play well off each. And there is some nice supporting work from Tom Selleck and his on-screen wife Catherine O'Hara. If you're in the mood for a dumb, gleeful action romp, Killers is a pretty good caper. It may be an acquired taste, but if you're either an Ashton or Katherine fan, you'll definitely enjoy this ride.
The gag reel offers up some particularly hilarious behind-the-scenes moments. Killer Chemistry is a featurette on the cast and how they created the magic we see being shared between them. Ashton always proves to be more personable off-screen, and its fun to watch him goof around. There are a couple of deleted/alternate/and extended scenes that don't add up to much within the context of the story being told.
The film is presented in its original 2.35:1 aspect ratio. In Color. The runtime is one hour and forty-minutes. The film has been rated PG-13 for violent action, sexual material, and language.
The film is presented in English 5.1 Dolby Digital EX audio. Subtitle are in English and Spanish.
Sky blue is the new pink. If you see a DVD cover, and its main hue is ocean or aquamarine, just know that it's a chick flick. Killers is definitely spunky popcorn fluff, and this cover sells that point home. Heigl is acting goofy. Ashton is posing, sexy. He's got a gun. They are both running from a boat. One of them is topless. Its soothing, yet packed full of excitement. Its not all orange and yellow. Orange and yellow is for a man. This DVD package screams feminine hygiene product. But hey, boats and guns? Maybe us guys will get something out of it too. This keep case does a nice job of selling its intentions home. I'd rent it for my girlfriend.
Killers is a fine little romantic comedy for the girls with enough action and adventure to keep us men entertained. Its not going to win any awards, but its always pleasant, never off-putting. It's a charming ride. And a definite buy for Kutcher fans.

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