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NGA (Nice Guys Anonymous) Members rejoice!Another John Cusack classic has come to DVD.For the unaware let me school you on the greatness of the Cusack Classics.Better Off Dead, Hot Pursuit, One Crazy Summer, The Sure Thing, and finally, Say Anything.

The idol of nice guys (aka the guys who never get the girl) everywhere, early to mid 80's John Cusack movies gave us all a glimpse of possibility, a glimmer of hope.This wasn't Tom Cruise getting the girl, this was John Cusack.

Enough of a loser that you could see playing D&D with him, yet cool enough to somehow get the girl in the end.You and I could never be Tom Cruise.

We could be John Cusack. And we could definitely be Lloyd Dobbler

Say Anything is a fun and likeable romantic comedy, likely to make you think back, not always fondly, at those ever opposing forces, high school and love.

A somewhat peculiar take on the typical boy meets girl, loses girl, wins back girl and embarks on a Kickboxing career while following her abroad type of tale, Say Anything's main strength lies in the talented actors that comprise the cast (John Cusack, Ione Skye, Lili Taylor, and John Mahoney).

Written and directed by Cameron Crowe (his directorial debut), the film is at times witty and clever, at times standard and predictable. Through it all it is performed masterfully by its young cast, making you see the characters in a way you usually only see your friends after you've held their head over the toilet for a few hours.

Some people consider Say Anything to be the end all be all of romantic comedies.I see it more as a solid top 10 entry in that regard.

Finally, it is worth noting that this is the movie that gave us "In Your Eyes," quite possibly the greatest sappy love song that a guy could appreciate.And most likely your prom song if you are under the age of 30.

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