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I have to admit. I've never really been a fan of sci-fi on TV unless there was some substantial creep factor to it all (ala "The X-Files"). Action and techno geek ramble alone never really satisfied that deeper darker urge I always had for fantastic storytelling, and I always found that the shows that stood fast to this formula were playing it a bit too safe.

Luckily, the season 6 box set of episodes of Stargate SG-1 does a fine job of satisfying both realms of the spectrum. Following the previous sets of seasons past, season 6 offers up some great episodes, in particular, "Descent", "Prometheus", "The Other Guys", "Unnatural Selection", and "Forsaken".

Adapted into a TV series from the motion picture Stargate, Stargate: SG-1 follows a crew of humans led by Colonel Jack O'Neill (Richard Dean Anderson) his SG-1 team of soldier-explorers who travel to other planets instantaneously by the use of an ancient piece of technology called a "Stargate". Through their exploration the crew keeps themselves in constant high adventure meeting allies, forging diplomatic ties, establishing trade, and preventing intergalactic terrorism.
Tons of extras in this box set...

Director Featurettes

Some very inticing director featurettes contained within for the following episodes..."Redemption", "Descent", "Frozen", "Night Walkers", "Abyss", "Shadow Play", "The Other Guys", "Allegiance", "Cure", "Prometheus", "Metamorphosis", and "Full Circle".

Cast & Crew Commentaries

Entertaining and insightful. The cast and crew do a great job of taking you deeper into the world of SG-1. Any fan of the show will overly pleased with what is offered here.
Presented in a 1.78:1 anamorphic aspect ratio, the box set is a bit rough around the edges. Picture quality varies from disc to disc, which is probably caused by the amount of extras contained in each variation. The more that is included the more the picture quality suffers, due to a high demand on the compressor. While not completely on par with other high definition shows like "The X-Files", SG-1 fans should find themselves comfortable with what is presented.
Presented in a 5.1 Dolby Digital surround sound track, the audio is clear and sustained throughout each disc. No noticeable frequency changes or level drops. Overall, a good mix.
While many of the episodes in this box set only serve as flashbacks and clip montages, which might be displeasing to the hardcore fans, they do offer some insight into the storylines laid down by the previous seasons, which could be beneficial to the newly introduced SG-1 fan.

Nevertheless, the SG-1 season 6 box set is a must for any fan of the show. And no fan will be disheartened by anything it has to offer.

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