Wild Hogs Blu-ray: Alternate Ending

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A look at the alternate ending to Wild Hogs.
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Comments (2)

  1. Colette Hera Guggenheim

    By the way I really enjoy to see the movie ,when it came out,saw it to the premiere ,I love it many parts from it ,why ? I think because I turned into 50 year old last years aswel, and feeling like a 12 year old,I know so many funny people ,what goes on ,new side come up ect ect.refinding home in one self ore something completly new comes up ,I was cracking of laught in the cin&#233,almost had to goe out because of this ,lovely to see them all.I can see It must have been funny for you Blogengeeze to work with .

    7 years agoby @coletteFlag

  2. Blogengeezer

    Blogengeezer HTTP://DAFLIKKERS.BLOGSPOT.COM/ worked 'Background' in Madrid New Mexico during the Carnival Scene. John Travolta as well as his 'Stunt Double' were great, friendly people. William H Macy was funny without even trying. Tim Allen had to constantly rehearse his lines (he blew them repeatedly), which made him appear 'stand-offish'. John Travolta is a master of memory and never blows his. He even remembered 'Blogengeezer' and walked over to talk about flying on two different occasions. Blogengeezer gave him his book, 'Born to Fly' about the Orion P3 knocked down near the coast of China. Martin Lawrence did very well. Marissa Tomey is as pretty as ever. All in all, a fun film to work. Hope it does well for years to come.

    7 years agoby @blogengeezerFlag