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A raging breakdown by Rock the bull (avoid if you have never seen this)
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Opening credits : Really loved it , love that symphony. . A typical Boxing movie would of have Lamotta do a lot more shadow boxing in the ring , and we would of seen the crowd. Instead here you see a bit of shadow boxing but more jumping and struting , Lots of smoke (something you see tru the film but ill get back to that later) and you barely see the crowd.For me that opening reveals what kind of movie your going to watch , your not gonna watch a boxing type of film but an intelligent character study type of film , and truly one of the best.Just by that opening i was keeping the movie even if i dint like it.

Story : like i said I havent seen no docs or read a book on Lamotta , but sure do now. I like my bio films to be the most accurate has possible , i hate when they changes stuff just to appeal to an audience , hope that wasnt the case here cuz I thought the story his flawless but there stuff Scorcesse put in the films that bomb for me. That hole seen were he first takes Vicky on a date to play miniput then takes her to his house is really a bored for to watch and i cant beleive someone would pick up a girl whit almost saying nothing. I think Scorsesse just of skip that first date and just jump to him already with her and divorce. When Lamotta is in his bar pooring champagne drinks is a useless scene. And two thing i dint get when you see him beeing an annoncer in a titty joint , does he own the joint or does just work there . And the start and the end what his it , is he receiting his own monologues or the work of other artist that was on the billboard ,and did he do that for a long time and had an happy ending till his death. Oh and there just one other thing that felt flat is when he sees his brother after all these years , he's too drunk for it to be meaningfull , i wonder if they really talk after that , cuz all tru the movie they look so close.Oh and I would of like to see if he was really a poor father or what (you just dont see him at all with his kids.)

Fights and trainings : The first fight was kinda hoaky you could see sometimes that they dont touch at all , but it only happens in that fight. The rest of the fights are pretty well shot I loved that the camera his always in the heart of the action. The training scenes are pretty good too , That training scene when Frank and joey are boxing together and the wise guys come in and Franks starts to beat the sh*t out of Franky his pretty intense. Love that seen when he messes that pretty boys face '' he aint pretty no more''.But i dint like when we saw photos of him winning if your gonna do that at least put picture of the real Frank Lamotta

Casting : awesome , typical Scorsesse casting except I've never been a fan of Cathy moriaty i think she mostly over act. And since Jack first got hook by her she was 15 (He was what 24-28, f*ck t dateline has a show to catch creeps like him), Scorseesee should of pick an actress who look younger. The chemistry between DeNiro and Pesci is always fascinating to watch , before watching this film I dint know there were playing brothers in it , and wow it look like they knew each other there hole life. I just love every scene were it's just does too talking , the dialogue and there action are so brotherly, it's amazing. F*ck DeNiro got fat for that role and he did an amazing acting job . Each time he starts juggling crazy sh*t in his head he's got that crazy nothing there look and I have seen people like him and it's exactly like that . Again Pesci gives us an intense performance , but I like that in this movie he his always the more calm unlike Goodfellas and Casino. Frank vincent was also great , I find it hillarious that in this film he gets beat the sh*t of by Pesci and in Casino he beats the sh*t out of Pesci. The only flaw in the castinf his having an actor who will turn out to be an awsome actor and have him just sit at a table without even let him say a word , to bad for John Turturo

Score : excellent thats all I have too say I really love that litle whistling beat when Lamotta watchs vicky leave in Salvy Batts car.

Metaphors for me in the film : I found that in the beginning of his carreer in the ring his start was a bit chaotic , and you could see choas around him too ( fights around the arena , fights in the bar, fights with his first wife) And his mind his mostly always clouded by crazy thoughts and all tru the film you see him sorrounded in smoke

Best scenes and quotes : My 2 best scenes his when Pesci beats the sh*t out of Salvy , f*cking intense that banging car door and him begging the passenger for help. And the second his when Franks starts to loose it and ask Joey and Vicky a lot of f*ckup question till he goes to his brothers house and beats him.This film his also full of memorables quotes for me i specially loved :- I get ya's both in the ring, I'll give ya both a f*ckin' beatin', ya both can f*ck each other

- Jake La Motta: She says he's pretty.

Joey LaMotta: Yeah, well, you make him ugly.

What I think about Jack Lamottas Life : Well he seriously had a problem , still dont see why his last fight he dint fight for it more , I know he wanted to prove a point, he was lost without his brother in his corner. I thinks it's kinda ironic that he was so sure his wife was cheatin but the first chance he gets to be around nice girls alone he fools around. Found it funny that Vicky could take a beating but she left him after he started cheating and boosing. Well in general I think he's a dumb sh*t who got what he deserve : he had a brother and a wife who would of always been there but he piss it away cuz he could not see or admit that he had a serious mental problem. He should of stayed with his first wife that he dint love and wasnt jalous about and maybe things would of been better.

Well thas all for now folks , thanks for reading and disregarding my mystakes

''Ray ,Ray ,Ray , you dint get me down Ray''

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  1. Rock

    thanks for reading it (and disregarding my spelling mystakes ( , i know it's quite long

    6 years agoby @elrochoFlag

  2. 313td

    Now this is a movie that is worthy of 4.5 stars.One of my favorites.Great review.

    6 years agoby @313tdFlag