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I was intrigued by A Man Apart from the very beginning. With the success of such films like xXx and The Fast & The Furious, action star Vin Diesel was on his way to becoming a huge force in over-the-top action cinema.

A Man Apart was Diesel's attempt at showing more sides of his acting ability then just his braun, and in many ways the film works well this way. Diesel's character has to endure many hardships throughout the film which forces the viewer to take his character semi-seriously. But make no mistake...this movie is a revenge film...nothing more...nothing less.

Vin Diesel plays a NARC officer who busts the top drug dealer in America/Mexico. Once the bust is made a hit is put on Diesel's character in which his wife gets caught in the crossfire. Now hell bent on revenge, Diesel's charcter tries throughout the film to hunt down the man responsible.

While the film doesn't offer anything we haven't seen before in a revenge flick, it is good to see this kind of movie still being put out by the studios. In true 80's action fashion, super violent action scenes are in tact, and anyone who grew up watching movies in that era will instantly relate to this film.
7 Deleted Scenes

These are about a minute a piece showcasing, in fully produced clips, the scenes the crew decided to cut from the film. Nothing to astounding here, but entertaining stuff none-the-less.

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Drives you to New Line oriented websites and content.

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A great looking transfer here. Clean, no artifacts, high contrast. Presented in both Anamorphic 2.35:1 Widescreen and FullScreen, you have the option of choosing your format when choose the option to PLAY the movie.
Presented in both Dolby Digital 5.1 and Dolby 2.0 the soundtracks were clean but I feel that mix could have been a lot better. I found that I had to constantly adjust for dialog driven scenes coming from the center speaker, and the highly explosive action sequences which bear down on all speakers.
For the sheer fact that this movie movie does exactly what it set out to do might be reason enough to call it "good". Some of the high points include Vin Diesel action packed sequences, a very low cheese factor, and acting abilities that are good enough to carry this type of film. While the replay value on the disc might not be very high, the first viewing of this film kept me entertained all the way through.

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