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The Bride (Thurman), having just emerged from a 4-year coma sets out to mete out justice on her former colleagues, the Deadly Viper Assasination Squad (DiVAS), that very nearly buried her and her unborn child. In this fim, she rains down revenge upon O-Ren (Liu) and Vernita (Fox) and sets the table for the final meal (in Kill Bill Vol.2) with Bill.

Ok, Quentin. So you wrote it... you directed it... But so what?! I'm just not feelin' you on this one.

Since QT is apparently the master of the dialogue, I thought I'd use a little of his more recent (from his American Idol appearance) stuff in discussing his infamous Kill Bill Vol.1.

The movie did very nearly $70M at the box office, making this a pretty strong QT pic. I'm sure Kill Bill Vol.2 will eclipse that handily. Maybe QT will cross the centry mark with this one, too (as his U.S. gross did with Pulp Fiction).

Still, though, I got done with this thing wondering... what the f*ck?! Yeah... there are a couple timeless fight scenes. The Vernita hit and the O-Ren showdown are both brilliant (if not a bit over-the-top). Great coreography, well placed brush-strokes of irony and some pretty cool camera and editing work. The rest of the movie, though, is ... pretty blah. It's as if QT said... all these movie-types are like sheep. If I throw some out-of-sync storyline and abstract angles and colors at them (maybe even intercut some anime), then I'll get some people to proclaim my brilliance and ... tada! Everyone marches about talking about my filmmaking genius.

I don't buy it. This is formulaic QT. It's gettin' old, man. You wanna impress me? Try something new. Your sh*t is tired.

As an ACTION pic, this was too slow and didn't flow well. I wasn't on the edge of my seat. I had way more fun with The Rundown (and that pic wasn't that great).
Barely anything on this disc to even justify the "Special Features" moniker.

I don't really care that much for special features, anyway, so... no biggie.

That said, though, you'd think QT could have at least included commentary tracks. As the writer/director (and as such a self-deluded "highly stylized" writer/director), I'd say it would be a fair bet that a lot of people might have a real desire to hear what he's got to say about his work.

Unlike Robert Rodriguez, though, I think QT's head is mostly devoid of any real rhyme or reason for doing what he does. I don't think he's "brilliant"... just "random". The fact that everyone proclaims him a genius is just further proof that the world is full of mindless sheep. They don't understand his sh*t either, but for fear of feeling stupid, they just nod their head and say... "yup...he's brilliant". BULLSH*T!

At any rate there SHOULD HAVE been a commentary track. QT didn't include one because he doesn't want everyone to realize that he's not got a clue...

Trailers for QT movies? Sh*t. How much do I need these? I own Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction. I didn't care for Jackie Brown, either and... well... that about does it. A waste of time.
I dunno. If you must try to fit in with all the other sheep, go pick this up (rental or purchase -- you can still get it for $15.24 at Wal*Mart), throw it in... Ask yourself "what the hell?" at the end and then blindly march about proclaiming QT the most brilliant filmmaker of all time.

Maybe if you watch V1 on a Saturday afternoon and take in V2 that evening at the cineplex, then you can appreciate the full story ... taken together, the way it was meant to be (before QT so unceremoniously decided to carve it up to steal double your dough). That might be the way to watch this.

Blind Buy? I bought it. I could've lived without buying it, though. Good thing Costco has a pretty pliable return policy.

This would be a fine rental for most of the general public.

I will lay out some more thoughts, I'm sure, after I've seen V2. Maybe I'll even re-play V1 before I see V2 so that I can give the full story its due.

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