When in Rome Blu-ray: Review By Evan "Mushy" Jacobs

I wasn't expecting much, I didn't get much...
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This movie should put something resembling a smile on your face (if you like movies like this).
To call this movie a retread is being kind.
When In Rome is a romantic comedy of the highest order. It tells the story of Beth (Kristen Bell) who is, guess what?, unlucky in relationships. She goes to Rome for her sister's wedding and thinks she has met Mr. Right. Well, that would be too easy and after taking coins from the forbidden Fontana de Amore, she suddenly finds herself the apple of many a man's eye. Beth now has the pick of the litter but the problem is that the guys are turning out to be dogs.

Her fortune's change when she starts being courted by Nick (Josh Duhamel - who just happens to be on the cover of this Blu-ray disc). The only problem is that Beth is once bitten, twice shy, and she can't tell if Nick is the one. Well, as you can probably guess by the fact that they are the only two actors showcased in this release, everything ends up neat and tidy in the end.
Crazy Casanovas

This is your garden variety cast and crew featurette in which we get the hear from Bell and others about what it was like to make this movie, work with this cast, and just about everything else we've come to expect from these things. Part of me wonders if I am being a little too hard on this Blu-ray disc? It is only a movie after all and as you will find out below, it does look pretty darn good for the most part. That said, I just think it's sad that a movie like this will get a lot more attention than much more deserving fare.

Alternate Opening & Ending

Extended Pain with the Suitors

All this section here is is just extended scenes with other cast members. While I don't think that this section is completely necessary, I do have to applaud Touchstone for trying pack this DVD with as much Blu-ray exclusive content as possible. As I have said, this movie may not be the most original, but I believe in giving credit where credit is due especially for trying.
1080p High Definition. While this movie is cold and dyspeptic as far as everything being crystal clear on the set, the image quality is something to marvel at. This movie really does look quite nice in parts, and director Mark Steven Johnson and John Bailey, the director of photography on this film, have all done very credible work. The picture seems like it has been treated with complete kid gloves and that makes this release something really nice to look at.
English 5.1 DTS-HD MA. French and Spanish Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound. The sound on this movie isn't reinventing the wheel or anything but things sounded fairly solid here. While I never felt caught up in this film in an audio sense, I didn't hear anything that was out of the ordinary or sounded odd. Solid job, Touchstone.
A luminescent Bell is presented on this front cover with Josh Duhamel behind her. This cover looks pretty photoshopped, folks. The back serves up two images from this film and one promo one. There is a Special Features listing, a description of what this movie is about, technical specs and a cast list.
I wasn't expecting much, I didn't get much, so... I really can't complain.

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