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Marriage can be difficult. Marriage can be fun. Marriage can be the best of times for you or the worst of times (so I've heard). For me, marriage has infinitely improved my life (as compared to dating, cohabitating and the other forms of being single). If, however, you marry for the wrong reasons, marry impetuously, marry impulsively, or otherwise have your head in your @ss when you take your vows, you're destined for divorce court. You're destined to hand over most of your assets to attorneys who are incentivized to have you fight as long as possible over -- paying them all the while -- the same stuff you're selling off to pay the legal bills.

Don't get me wrong. I understand that some marriages must be disassembled. BUT I think that if the majority of couples had given some serious though to their nuptials before committing, there would be far less divorce...and far less work for divorce attorneys.

George Clooney is Miles Massey, divorce attorney extraordinaire. Catherine Zeta-Jones (was she previously married or did her folks just give her a hyphenate surname?) plays Marylin Rexroth, a professional ex-wife searching for the perfect score. When Miles foils Marylin's perfect plot to score off her strange husband, Rex (who's propensity for trains and blondes lands him in Marilyn's cross-hairs), Marylin goes out gunning for Miles.

This film pokes fun at marriage, pokes more fun at divorce and vilifies the blood-sucking law school grads that print money by fanning the flames of anger and jealousy that lick the toes of both the scorned spouse and the "wanderer".

I really liked the movie. It's filled with clever dialogue, witty theatrics and some good twists. I really liked O Brother, Where Art Thou?, also a Cohen pic. Not everyone did. I'd say that this film has more broad appeal than O Brother, Where Art Thou? and that it should have drawn better at the box office. Why didn't it? I don't know. I'd bet, though, that this film will find some legs in the DVD players. It is the kind of pic that people will pick up because of Clooney and Zeta-Jones on the front cover and, when they reach the end, they'll not be disappointed.

Clooney and Zeta-Jones have great chemistry and it is just as much fun to watch Clooney obsess over his teeth as it was to watch him fuss over his hair in O Brother, Where Art Thou?. Great attention to detail and Clooney realy pulls it off.

These characters are easily as much fun to watch as Michael Douglas and Katherine Turner in The War of the Roses, albeit much more light-hearted. I'd say it's been about that long since we've seen a take on marriage with quite this much "bite".
While I'm not a huge fan of Special Features (as you should know by now if you've been reading my other reviews), I was particularly disappointed by the scarcity of stuff on this disc. It's almost as if someone said "...yeah, well, we need something on the disc for special features or else...". That pretty much describes what you have here.

The list:

* Making-of featurette

* Wardrobe featurette

* Outtakes

* Rex Rexroth's home movies

Obligatory outtakes that aren't very humerous and far less than you'd expect. The Rexroth Home Movies are a joke. The same damn train footage spooled for about 8 minutes (or longer?). The Making-of Featurette is same-old, same-old.

Save your time. Don't watch this stuff. It's crap.

I rarely would give a "0" to any disc that even has special features, but this one is so bad that it's as if they didn't have anything to put on the disc -- but felt that we were all stupid enough to think these would pass.
If you're a fan of the Cohens (and even if you're not), this thing will entertain you. It's fun and pretty light and has some very watchable performances.

I definitely say this is one to own, but not everyone will agree. I own O Brother, Where Art Thou?. That is definitely not one that I would recommend to everyone. This isn't either, but I'd definitely suggest at least renting it and -- for another $10 over that price -- you wouldn't go too far wrong adding it to your shelf.

If you really hate it...well, you can always sell it on Ebay.

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