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Year One was on my top list of movies that i have wanted to see all summer but i missed it this summer at the movies but this movie i am saying was ok. The Movie was a little bit of a dissapointment to me because i was expecting more for Jack Black Micheal Cera was perfectly cast as O He was perfect in his lead role i was laughing at every single one liner he had but i fell Jack Black Was just Left out he was funny in this he did have so good lines and the crudeness in this movie

Wow that was another thing that was getting me. The Rude Humor and everything else was just a little nasty. but that and some of the acting and the story was one of the only reasons that made me give this movie the rating i am gonna give it.

Now Harold Ramis directed this movie and he did good job and i am not blaming for how the movie turned out because when this movie came out way back on June 19th it was abolish by Critcs and was Killed at the box office. And this movie was taken ouot of theaters faster than you could say " i am thinkin arby's" Just Kiddin. Anway this movie now that it has a new life on DVD is worth a rental because it is not all bad well not bad enough to skip but it is a rentel.


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