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While at first the thought of electricity being a villain in a movie probably sounds preposterous. However, Pulse is honestly one of the most terrifying films I have ever seen in my life. Joey Lawrence (I'm not kidding) is pitch perfect as the young boy trying to convince his Dad (Cliff De Young) and Stepmom (Roxanne Hart) that something in their house is out to get them. This starts off with David (Lawrence) almost being killed by a ruptured gas pipe. Then his stepmother is scalded by the electric water heater. Finally, things climax when the house catches fire and the family must band together to get out alive.
No extras came with this DVD.
1.85:1 - Anamorphic Widescreen. Straight out of 1988, this movie is very much from the time that it was made. It seems right on the cusp of when technology began to really take off, which is another reason why I think the whole electricity motif of this movie works. I love the way the suburbs are photographed and how everything is simply done. This makes the impending doom that awaits the characters all the more scary.
Dolby Digital. Mastered in High Definition. The audio used here is primarily for the electricity FX. Otherwise, the soundtrack is pretty germane to the things happening on the screen. I love the use of regular appliance sounds to add a whole other level of terror to this movie. Why it works is because this film is steeped in the everyday. We don't expect our TVs to attack us. Now, while this might seem totally moronic, the way everything is pulled off in this movie really works. A big reason is because of the sound.
I think that this cover was specifically created for this film. I don't think anybody from the original movie Pulse had anything to do with it. The shot of a boy opening a door with electricity screaming out of it, looks worlds better than the VHS cover that was used for this release. There is also a lot of "glowing green" used here as well. The back features a terrific shot of the suburbs, with an electrical line going haywire. There are three shots from the movie, a description of what Pulse is about, a cast list and technical specs. Overall, I think this cover is perfect.
Okay, I know that Pulse probably sounds pretty hokey but, and I am being 100% serious, this was my third or fourth attempt to watch this movie. I had tried several times when I was younger, and I was so scared that I had to turn it off each time. There is just something about these everyday things that we don't notice, suddenly attacking us that makes for something truly horrifying.

This movie may not seem scary or you may watch it based on my review and wonder what the big deal was, but I gotta tell you, I feel a moral victory for finally "getting passed" this film. I used to think about it from time to time as I never knew what the name of this movie was. Yet, I always thought the idea of electricity being something evil was brilliant, because how do you kill it when you need it to survive?

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  1. Shelley

    Not to be confused with 'Pulse' from 2006.

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