Disney Re-releasing ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ In 3D

The Tim Burton classic getting redone in blue and red.

Disney has decided to re-release the 1993 film The Nightmare Before Christmas back into theaters in 3D technology.

The film, created by Tim Burton, will hit theaters on October 20th in the updated version. The Hollywood Reporter adds Nightmare marks the second film being released in 3D after last year's Chicken Little; and it did well for the Mouse at the box office. In 81 locations, the total was a reported 3-1 higher at the 3D theaters.

Disney will start releasing The Nightmare Before Christmas in theaters October 20th.

The Nightmare Before Christmas was released October 29th, 1993 and stars Danny Elfman, Chris Sarandon, Catherine O'Hara, William Hickey, Glenn Shadix, Paul Reubens, Ken Page, Edward Ivory. The film is directed by Henry Selick.

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