CONTEST: Win Big in Our ‘My Super Sweet 16’ Giveaway!

We’re giving away DVDs and tank tops from this film! Plus, don’t forget to log into MTV’s Virtual Worlds!

On July 10 My Super Sweet 16: The Movie comes to DVD! To celebrate that awesome release we are giving away My Super Sweet 16: The Movie DVDs and girls tank tops!

In addition to all this great stuff, Meet Aly and AJ! It's coming up the second week in July. Check out for details!

Winners Receive:

- My Super Sweet 16: The Movie DVD

- My Super Sweet 16 Tank Top

Click Here! to enter our contest!


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My Super Sweet 16: The Movie Synopsis:

Nicole and Jacquie were Best Friends Forever. They shared everything, including the same birthday, which they always celebrated together. This year, however, after a huge falling out the two teens compete against each other to see who can have the best and most extravagant sweet 16 birthday party.

My Super Sweet 16: The Movie celebrates its DVD release July 10 from MTV Films.

Sources: MTV Films
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